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Who do you think the greatest punk band of all time is?

Asked by cockswain (15254points) April 5th, 2011

I personally am torn between the total awesomeness of The Clash, The Dead Kennedys, and The Ramones.

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Dead Kennedys. Definitely Dead Kennedys. :D

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I asked the same question on facebook. So far that’s the consensus. I’m struggling. I love them all. The Clash and Ramones accomplished so much. I was fortunate to see the Ramones live once.

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@cockswain I definitely love the Ramones as well.

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I vote for the Clash. Epic.

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I’m torn between The Ramones and Social Distortion

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I decided to omit the Sex Pistols since they weren’t very prolific. Highly influential and famous though.

@jonsblond Social D huh? Coincidentally that’s who opened for the Ramones show I saw. You’d have loved it.

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I like Rancid.

I also really like Against Me, but I don’t think they can be considered “greatest of all time” quality.

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@cockswain I’m jealous :)

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it was on Halloween too. Really memorable.

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and on my favorite holiday. keep rubbing it in why don’t ya ;)

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Early on, the Ramones.

Now, Screeching Weasel.

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@Seelix I’ve never heard of Screeching Weasel, but just found I have one song by them in my music collection, Dummy Up. Pretty cool, thanks.

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what about x. your’e asking about old bands right?

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X was great, but I can’t find a copy of “Your dogs a mess, it’s on my shoe”

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X is a great band for sure. I guess I am asking about old bands. I can’t think of many true punk bands since the early-mid 80s. Hardcore is similar, but harder and less political.

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The Dead Kennedys for certain, not only is their music fun, but they play for their beliefs, against the censor.

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Tough choice, but I’ll go with The Clash.

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OH YEAH! I forgot to mention Bad Religion. Maybe not the most influential of bands, but they’ve been around for a million years and are still pushing the political envelope. I went to a show this past spring on their 30th anniversary tour. Awesome.

And Social Distortion can still rock it too – I saw them in 2004 and Mike Ness is still a hottie even with the beer gut :)

@ddude1116 – One thing I want to mention in case anyone doesn’t know – if you’re going to listen to Dead Kennedys, don’t buy their music. Download it illegally. Jello Biafra no longer gets any of the proceeds from their sales.

@cockswain – Screeching Weasel have been around for about 25 years, and have totally redefined the Chicago scene, spawning The Riverdales and some solo projects, including a million side projects. For those who know them, they’re just about as influential as the Ramones, in their own way.

“Dummy Up” is totally not even close to being one of their better songs. Check out the albums “Wiggle” or “Bark Like a Dog” to get a better feel for ‘em.

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Definitely Dead Kennedys. Also: The Exploited, The Misfits, Discharge, Aus Rotten, and Nausea.

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The clash? Really?

Sex Pistols and the Germs were the best!

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