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Name this Punk/BritPunk/PunkRock song Please?

Asked by creepermax (348points) February 25th, 2012

Seems 69–79 decade, “mainstream” and the male singer has british accent. The song is Poor and Ugly or something along those lines. It is about a guy who is crazy and is “talkin’ to a wall”. I think it mentions women and apples. “Hey!” people chant in a chorus of sorts. That is what I remember anyway.

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It’s not Warsaw perchance? It’s a bit of a stretch with the chorus part, but the rest seems to sort of fit.

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If you have a link I can listen to I might be able to answer this question. The details alone are too vague for me, sorry.

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It is just a memory but It has been bothering me, Not Warsaw, lighter than that. It sounds similiar to “Don’t Exploit Me” – The Adicts

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The Damned?

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Not the Damned. The vocals have that distortion voice the Adicts song above had. I was probably drinking every time I heard and now it is mixing with a bunch of other songs in my head as I search youtube

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That band is from the 2000’s…not 1969–1979.

Good work, Kate :)

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You are the coolest! Wow I had this song mixed up with about five other songs all at once! Thank you!

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