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New places for affordable great food?

Asked by rawpixels (2658points) April 6th, 2011

I’m going to New Orleans in a couple of weeks. I’ve been there a couple of time years ago, but this time I could use some great affordable food recommendations. For instance, where can I get the best gumbo, po boys, muffaletta, crawfish, oysters, etc?

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I’m going to NO next week. One place I’m really looking forward to trying is Green Goddess (link to google search with loads of restaurant reviews)

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What is affordable to you?

Mothers is a great breakfast place

Cafe Dumonde for Coffee and Beignets

The Gumbo Shop for lunch or dinner

mmmmmm Cravin cajun now!

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Central Grocery for muffalettas.

Shrimp Po’boys: Felix’s or Acme.

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@blueiiznh is totally right about Mothers, but I wouldn’t go there for breakfast so much as their Po’ Boys. Know that when they ask if you want it dressed, it means whether you want the standard condiments. And they have this stuff there called “debris.” It’s essentially an extra-meaty gravy, except friggin’ MAGIC.

You also simply must go to Jaques-Imo’s. Show up WHEN they open to get you’re name on the list. If the wait is long, they have a deal with the Maples Leaf bar down the street and you can drink and wait there. If you’re lucky, Rebirth will be playing. They’re a New Orleans fixture.

For breakfast, I would actually hit the Clover Grill. They do this thing with omlettes that…well…makes me want to give it up to them.

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I can’t remember if we ate at the Gumbo Shop or the Gumbo Pot. Whichever one it was, the food was so good that we went back to eat there for a second time during our 4 day trip. I recommend the alligator sausage- it’s out of this world! The gumbo was good, etouffe was good, jambalaya was good… and one of my entrees was this softshell crab that had been done up in a pile of angel hair pasta and smothered with this white creamy, shrimp creole sauce. It was fabulous!

And you’ve definitely got to have beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde. Mmmmm.

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@iamthemob true dat on the Po’ Boys too.

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This hardest part of answering this question for me is knowing if you are on foot and just in the Quarter or if you have a car and can get to some locations around the city.

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@sleepdoc on foot in the French Quarter

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@rawpixels My favorite spot there is Crescent City Brewhouse. Although that don’t make exactly the classic dishes, the make them with a twist. I can’t say I have ever ordered or eaten anything there that wasn’t fabulous.

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Merci mes amis! I appreciate the recommendations!

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Laissez les bon temps rouler my friend.

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