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How to be comfortable to write songs when you have a roommate?

Asked by Kokoro (1424points) April 6th, 2011

I have a roommate but I want to continue to write songs with my instruments… I just get really conscious now. They’re not in the same room or anything, but when I sing I don’t allow myself to sing as loud as I would. Any advice? I know my roomie doesn’t care that much, but I wish I wouldn’t!

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If you can’t write and perform in front of somebody you know, there’s hardly a chance you could do it in front of strangers. Face your fears and just do it, or your music career ends long before it even begins.

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Ooh, that’s a toughie. Probably you’re just going to have to do it more and more until you get used to it. Barring that, maybe try doing it while they’re A) out of the house B) in the shower C) playing a loud video game?

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Hmm, lot’s of singers/performers have said that they find it harder to perform in front of small crowds compared to big ones… so just pretend they’re not there. That’s what I do. : D

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I work in a blue collar job. I am on a crew of 30+ year vets. Tough crowd, I’m telling ya.
It is not unusual for me to work with someone each day, and it is not unusual for me to get them singing at some point. Most of us can’t sing for shit, but one or two have nice voices.
Just get that popsicle stick out of your ass.

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Contrary to some, it seems to me that writing in front of an audience is quite a bit different from performing in front of an audience. Many artists seem uncomfortable having others look in on the creative process even when they have no problem displaying their work.

My advice to you, @Kokoro, is to hum rather than sing when you’re writing. You know what the lyrics are, and you can write things down as needed. You can sing (and sing at full volume) when the main part of the writing stage is complete and you move on to practicing.

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I always work on the instrument part of things when someone is around and save working on the lyrics, vocals, etc. until I am alone. It works out pretty well!

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SavoirFaire has it right on the dot. I’m talking about writing versus performing, it is very different. Thanks for the tips!

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