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Do we jellies have an official verb for Fluther?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) April 6th, 2011

Well, you know, for Twitter there is Tweeting, and some people just refer to using Facebook as Facebooking.

But what about us Jellies? Do we have an official one? I mean, this site blows every other social site outta the water, in my opinion, and I think we need an equally epic verb to go along with it.

What say you?

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Fluthering is used pretty commonly, I think.

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@augustlan Yes, I use Fluthering as well.

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My husband even uses the word Fluthering. (As in, “Don’t bother your mommy right now, she’s Fluthering.) That’s bad, isn’t it…really bad.

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@cak My husband, too!

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It’s actually Flunkering if you are fluthering drunk.

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@chyna Damn, lol. Love that.

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@chyna That was the first time I’ve lol’d in a long time at something on the internet!

Is there one for Fluthering while stoned?

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@augustlan I’m so happy someone else hears that in their household.

@chyna I’ve never Flunkered before. I’ve witnessed Flunkering, I’d probably fall asleep trying.

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I’d like to take credit for making that word up because I really love it, but I didn’t. I’ve seen it on here before. Probably by a flunkerer.

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@joker94 Floning?

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wouldn’t “fluthering” technically be a gerund, which is a noun? Though I still get the concept of the verb “to fluther”...I’m in the mood for nitpicking

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I call it Fluthing. I was in a band called Fluther before I found this site, and we called practice Fluthing. I’d prefer it if that’s what we called it in homage to the original Fluther.

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Somebody—one of Zen’s incarnations, perhaps?—coined a whole string of verbs for fluthering in various conditions, comparable to drunken fluthering.

In my lexicon, to fluther is the basic verb.

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I may have coined flunking – fluthering while drunk. I may have been at the time.

We’ve compiled a few lexicons over time. Links, anyone?

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@josie are you jellin’?

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Ssshhhh, I’m fluthering right now.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Sounds like a euphemism for something.

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@erichw1504 Honey, for you, everything is a euphemism for something… :P

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If it’s called Fluther, why don’t we ever see it Fluth….

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Fluthered (Irish slang for extremely drunk) hehe

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Looked, but couldn’t find them, @seazen_. I thought there was a question a while back that explicitly called for invention of terms.

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@Jeruba There were a few – but it might be harder to dig up old stuff since the changes.

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Personally, I’ve always been quite partial to the phrase, “tapping the collective.” A single verb has a very simple connotation for me, whereas the short phrase exudes a little more class.

@Joker94 If not, there should be. But how do you mix a good stoner adjective with a “to fluther” verb?

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