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How slick was my husband?

Asked by spendy (1446points) April 19th, 2008

Every so often (when he feels like stroking his own ego) he’ll bring up the fact that he bought our house in 3 days. We viewed the house on Day 1 and on Day 3 we were signing. Ten days later we moved in. He toots his own horn about how he “gets things done” and I’d love to say, “Yeah, whatever…everyone does that,” but I actually have no clue – my 1st home purchase, but not his. How often do people purchase and move in this quickly? Can I rag on him for this ego-trip? :)

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He’s the man =)

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Don’t tell me he’s toot-worthy. lol

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Give him some credit, if he has to blow his own horn often it’s because he’s not getting any kudos from you.

Signing the purchase contract in a day or two is not unusual, by moving in in only ten day is.

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As long as you took time to get it inspected; sounds like some great fast work.

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Probably had more to do with market conditions at the time, the agent, and escrow but whatever. Let him think he’s hot shit if he needs to. ;)

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Breakfast in bed with a happy ending.

As long as he doesn’t get all egotistic about everything he does make him feel good for putting you both in such a great situation.

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Second to Fallstand’s, he is the man.

If it’s all he has to bring up at least he chose something worth bringing up. No ragging allowed on this one.

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It took my parents one hundred and twenty days to close escrow and an additional fifteen days, after that, to move in. This was about two years ago. I remember because my mom called me everyday asking how I would feel about them divorcing. :P

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He’s pretty slick, if you had to get a loan he’s even slicker. Let him brag, then ask him to write a how-to book about it, he’ll be slick and you’ll both get rich.

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Let him crow; kiss him sweetly; and then ask him to remove all the carpets and lay hardwood floors.

We sold a house over New Year’s Eve weekend. My middle-step son was house-sitting since we were away. When we got back, there were two bidders fighting and one offering more than we asked. But all other times were laden with worries and financial concerns

I think he gets the biggest reward <you choose> for having you moved in in ten days. But remind him that there is a statute of limitations. Sooner or later, he will have to find
another slick move.

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@LaMaison – he’s the type who gives himself kudos before anyone else has a chance. Hard to show someone else how much you appreciate them when they’re busy appreciating themself!

@glial – yep, the inspection was on Day 2. All went well. :)

@Taco – I’m with ya. lol

@supernutjob – yep, loan and all. We drove up to see our banker (out-of-town, we live in a VERY small area) the same day we signed. I guess he did good.

@gail – you crack me up, lol. Yeah, I’m ready for hardwood, and so are my lungs and itchy eyes. And yes, it’s definitely time to find another brag-right. We’ve been living here for over a year. ;)

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If you love the house as much as he does, sounds like quite a guy to me!

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