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How do I know what generation my iPod Shuffle is?

Asked by spendy (1446points) April 19th, 2008

Just got this little guy on Monday…and lovin’ it. So, I was browsing for a wall charger (to free up my PC port) and discovered that I need to know whether it’s 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation. I’ve looked through the stuff that came with it…and no luck. How do I know? I’ve got no clue about this – it’s probably obvious and I’ll feel like an idiot, I’m sure. Help!

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as they changed shuffles through the years, they changed hard drive capacity as well as the color of the shuffle . if it was purchased new from a local retailer, i’d imagine that it would be the latest generation. check this site out and see if it can help. link

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Thanks…that was helpful. I’m guessing mine is 3rd gen :)

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I would just get one of these. I have one and you just plug the dock into it and it charges. And it is only 3 dollars.

edit :: I also bought it from the place I linked to above. It came in about 4 days and worked well.

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Not seeing any reference to a 3rd gen iPod Shuffle. What exactly are you looking at?

Apple’s support page has pictures.

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This page shows all generations of ipods made with pictures for easy identification.

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there are only two shuffle generations. If yours has a USB plug on it its gen 1. If not its gen 2. Adding compacity did not change the generation. Its an upgrade.

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Ah…well, I guess some of the sellers on eBay have even less of an idea about what generations are available than I did. Many of them are indicating that the wall chargers I’ve looked at are for 2nd + 3rd gen only.

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If you think it’s 4G, it comes in only 2GB and it has the circle clickpad.

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