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What is "rickrolling"?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) April 20th, 2008

Someone please tell me what “rickrolling” is and how it came to be called “rickrolling.”

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search urban dictionary for the full definition, but rickrolling is when someone gives you a think and you don’t know what its for, and that link leads to a very annoying Rick Astley music video.

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Noooooo!!!!! Why did I click the link! I think my ears might be bleeding! On April 1st I was rickrolled a dozen times. I’m too gullible…

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First there was duck rolling on 4chans /b/ board it was used when linking other users to what they thought was something relavent when it only turned out to be a duck with some wheels and a random song. Then that later spawned Rick Rolling

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And now, there’s Vista-rolling.

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Oooh! I was rickrolled once, and didn’t ‘get’ it… thanks!

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I think I was responsible for doing that to you. And I don’t feel bad about it either.

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Gilal got me on April fools day…

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@JohnPowell… was it you? On this site?My memory is horrible! It would have been a comment reply such as this, but what question was it under… :-/

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Peedub has now become the master rickroller of fluther!

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@Eambos, finally tracked down that glial reference (he got me on that one, too):

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Why Rick Astley though?

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