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What does this mean, do you think? All day long, I have been super tired and very thirsty...

Asked by yankeetooter (9651points) April 9th, 2011

I have drank water, juice, etc., but still feel really out of it and dead tired. I know I have been feeling very down today, which would explain the tiredness, lack of energy, etc., but I don’t know where the thirst comes in…

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It can only be something terrible. I assume it must be a third-world dread disease that you must have picked up on the subway or from eating a taco from a local stand. My advice? Write a will and go home.

Oh, according to WEBMD, masturbation may be the cure.

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Gee…I haven’t been modded in ages…I wonder…

I forgot about the general versus the other section.

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Well, part of your remedy worked. Every smile I crack is that much less I feel down. Other than that I haven’t been on the subway or eaten any local (or non-local tacos). Thanks anyway…

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Please don’t moderate the above response…it helped with my feeling sad…:)

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No problem. You’re well on your way to recovery since you have a sense of humor!!!

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Dehydrated? That can make you tired, and even drinking a lot sometimes won’t fix that, because you can get far behind on your water “quota” and it can take a while to catch up.

Feel better!

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Thirst comes in because you are too down to take care of yourself all day and/or you’re not eating right. You might get your blood sugar taken if you are super thirsty, pee clear and often and can’t get off your bed.

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Thanks @Mariah! I just don’t know how I would have gotten dehydrated. @faye I can get off my bed, I just have felt like doing nothing all day. I’ve eaten right all day too, so I don’t know…

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Also, I have been craving a soda all day long. I gave up soda for Lent, so it should not still be tormenting me, but it still is…(It’s been since March 9th-a month today!)

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