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Why do our own farts smell so much less vile than those of others?

Asked by deni (23052points) April 9th, 2011

I’m serious.

I have smelled farts that caught me so off guard and were so bad that they made me shriek. And….I just think in general this is true. But why?

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I think even the tiniest sniff of someone else’s fart is so off putting, because it’s not our own, but we’re a lot more tolerant of our own smells. Although I have on occasion chased my self from the room.

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You know it smells bad so you derive some pleasure for knowing that it is now out of your body.

Or I am making shit up.

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Ya know, I might not of chosen to get into fart talk, but, uncannily so, my daughter was JUST complaining to me about her room mates farts! lol

We were talking awhile ago and one of her biggest complaints is that her room mate has like zero boundaries and just randomly toddles about the apartment farting fish & broccoli.

The girl is on a serious regime for a bikini contest in May, and my daughter is beside herself with the broccoli cloud that permeates her space. haha

It must have to do with our own scent which would be, naturally, less offensive than anothers.

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I know this is a serious convo here but goddamn, LOL XD

I agree with @Coloma though. It must have to do with our own scent which would be, naturally, less offensive than anothers.

But eh, I often scare myself…

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They don’t. It’s just that the thought of smelling someone else’s large intestine grosses us out more than the thought of our own.

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“everyone likes their own brand”
-fat bastard

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I don’t know @deni, I’ve let a few go that were just horrible. And I don’t think they smell any better than those of others… honest! :)

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I think it is the same thing that makes the body odor of other people more offensive than our own.

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But see, with body odor, I think my BO smells exactly like the general BO smell….like, it’s not any better than anyone elses. But with farts….definitely not as bad.

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@deni I think my BO is gross, too, but it doesn’t want to make me throw up if I have to be around myself for more than a passing second.

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Well I guess I just don’t have much of a sensitivity to BO at all….in fact I think some smells good. My older brother is a bit of a hippie and always has a garlic-y smell to him. I love it. lol

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My farts smell absolutely wonderful to me..them more vile, the better hahaha..

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