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What annoys you?

Asked by filmfann (44455points) April 9th, 2011

It may be a small thing that really seems to press your buttons, or a huge thing that makes you wonder why everyone doesn’t riot.
What is something that everyone around you seems to be fine with, but makes you flush with anger?
My example: People who scream and applaud after “In the Land Of the Freeeeeee” during the national anthem. The song isn’t over!!! Please hold your applause and be respectful till the fucking song is over you heathens!

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Whiny bitches, drama queens and attention seekers.

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The volume on the television broadcast goes up during commercials! I hate that!

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People who yell ‘woohoo!’ at the top of their lungs. I think of duct tape. How my coffee maker makes my coffee at the temperature for the McDonalds woman to safely spill on her crotch.

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Another thing is my one friend knows how to really irritate me to no end. I get frustrated easily so when ever i hang out with him he decides to go off topic and then we start on that topic and he starts talking about something else so i will get confused. I would ask him what and he will just keep talking nonsense and it irritates me. Its like those Bing commercials where each word reminds them of something else like this one

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@filmfann There was a law passed that the volume can’t be boosted anymore for commercials, the CALM Act . The FCC has until December to implement rules.

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I am just sick and tired of knee jerk politics that is not reality based.

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What really annoys me is when the idiot behind is texting, and driving.

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The list is immense, but the short version is:
– People with no common sense
– People on the same road I am driving on
– People who think they know what they are doing but are actually clueless.
– Disorganization (at least that of other people; I know why I arrange things the way I do)
– Poor craftsmanship
– Bad spelling
– Waiting
– Too-short furniture
– American cars
– Apple

I think I will stop before I even get started since I think I have made my point; I get annoyed by lots of things.

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I work in retail, so stupid customers annoy me so much, but I think you all will appreciate this humorous example.

The setting: My place of work in the mall. A woman has just bought a band bracelet for her son, which is not on sale. Earlier in the day, her son’s friend bought some bracelets that were on sale and look very similar to band bracelets.

The players:

KatawaGrey: A mild-mannered cashier who suffers fools on a regular basis.
Customer 1: a twelve-year-old boy
Customer 2: a ten-year-old boy
Customer 3: Customer 2’s mother, a nice lady, but not too bright
Customer 4: Customer 1’s mother, a mean lady, but not too bright

The scene:

I have just rung out Customer 3. She has bought some candy and a bracelet featuring a band somewhat popular with the under-sixteen set. Customer 1 sees this and, having bought a number of bracelets earlier that look very similar to the one Customer 3 just bought, thinks he can get the discount again if he buys two band bracelets.

C1: Can we buy these together and get one half off?
KG: No, the band bracelets aren’t on sale.
C4: But you just said those were on sale.
KG: The ones over there (points) are on sale. These ones are not.
C3: So, can he get another one?
KG: The band bracelets are not on sale.
C1: Can we just grab another one?
KG: The band bracelets are not on sale. Those ones (points again) are on sale.
C4: He’ll just get another one.
KG: The band bracelets are not on sale.
C1: But you said these were on sale when I bought them before.
KG: They look very similar to the ones that are on sale, but the band bracelets are not on sale.
C4: So, he can’t get another one half off?
KG: No.
C2: (Silent because he’s the only one who gets it.)

Believe it or not, but this kind of thing happens all the time.

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A lot of stuff. I’m a grouchy whore. So maybe that’s why some of this stuff annoys me, because what I list here doesn’t always seem to bother other people. Some of it, anyways.

Everything about grocery shopping. I hate it when people congregate in the middle of the aisles. I’m trying to get by. This isn’t the fucking bingo hall, move out my way. Damnit.

People at the convenience store who pay with cards and ask for all these lottery tickets and shit. Damnit hurry the hell up.
Well, people are most definitely allowed to pay with cards. I shouldn’t rag on them, but it angers me to no bloody end and I can’t help it.

When psychiatrists ask you all this personal shit.

My roommate and the trail of filth and chaos she leaves behind her. She orders takeout and just sticks the dirty poutine or hamburger steak containers on the counter with the dirty dishes. What the fuck?? I’m not gonna wash or use those! Just throw em the fuck out!
She also NEVER rinses her dirty dishes, so when comes the time to wash them, it’s all encrusted with like, sauce fossil. So hard to clean. It’s like rubbing rocks with your fingernails. Man it takes two seconds to rinse your fucking plate.

Listening to the radio. A bit like your In the Land of the Free example. I hate how the radio personalities won’t stop talking during the beginning and ending of a song. It isn’t over! Shut up! Ass maggot.

Leftover food that retains the shape of the container they were put in when you dump it out. That makes me sick.

Video games that think I’m stupid. Final Fantasy XII especially pissed me off with that. It teaches you how to walk. WALK?? What am I, a newborn?! You don’t need to instruct me on how to move my goddamned girly man character dude.
I’m also not a fan of game tutorials that you can’t skip.

When horror movies cut off the death blow with a dark screen or a full moon accompanied with screaming. Stop that, just show me the entrails. I’m a big girl, I can take it. Damn damn damn.

People who think that cussing is worse than murder. Fuck you.

Having to break a bill because I don’t have enough change.

When computers don’t do what you tell them to.

Infomercials. These people must think me mentally retarded. Vince is a fucking riot though. :D

When I get a message from some important institute or company, telling me to urgently call back…and when I do…I am put on hold RIGHT OFF THE MOTHERFUCKIN BAT. Seriously? It’s all urgent and YOU AUTOMATICALLY PUT ME ON HOLD?? Diiiiie!!!

Cable TV and commercials.

People who think I most definitely need be a child killer because I think dead baby jokes are funny.

Blind patriotism. I don’t mind people being proud of their country, but I mind when you bash other countries and compare what you made up to yours and how awesome it is, especially when it’s done for ego rather than anything that might actually be factual. I had someone do that to me very often, and he wonders why I don’t talk to him any more. Meh.
I’ll add to that, misinformation based on what people hate.

Too much Sun.



Overly negative people. ...wait.

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@Symbeline I am so with you on so much of that!
The one that really grinds me is the DJ’s talking over the beginning or ending of songs. That is as annoying as it can be!

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Hell yeah. Some of us here might actually WANT to listen to the whole thing.

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@KatawaGrey I hear you! I’m the photo tech for a drugstore and I cannot describe the amount of stupid I deal with on a daily basis. It makes my brain hurt…

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Mine too!

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People who chronically interrupt other people. I about lose it when I’m talking to someone and I can hardly get a word in edgewise and express myself because they’re either being a selfish fuck and can’t stop talking about themselves and how they feel and what they think and blah blah or they just don’t give a crap about my thoughts and feelings. Fuck you, ya heard? I must say it does hurt my tender wittle feelings when a good friend does this to me because it tells me that they don’t care that there’s a second set of opinions and emotions involved.

The inability to express myself and be heard and to not have someone just listen as I do for them frustrates me to tears.

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Taped marketing and political phone calls. Particularly annoying are the ones I find on my answering machine that ask me to press numbers on my phone. Don’t they get it that nobody picked up the phone? What steams me most are the phone calls where nobody is on the other end (am I being stalked?). It has gotten to the point that I give three seconds to get a response to my hello before hanging up.

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Bad drivers, particularly slow drivers in the left lane. GET OUT OF MY LANE, DAMN IT.
Chaotic environments, too much activity/noise, too many people. Actually, these do more than annoy me… if I’m there long enough, they give me a fucking panic attack.
My own clumsiness. You ever have one of those days where you drop everything, trip over everything, spill everything? Yeah, days like that but the holy shit out of me.
Having to repeat myself.
Having to repeat myself.

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When an inanimate object gets the better of me. I had this tv that refused to work, only had it a few months. I got so riled up I took it out into the garden & swung that bitch round my head using the cable. It was well & truly bitch slapped to death. Yeah…I sure taught that piece of crap a lesson XD

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Illegal immigrants that have no drivers license or identification.

This means a two-hour trip to take this person to jail.

This means leaving the public unprotected, in my zone, for two hours.

This annoys me.

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@augustlan: I would think having three children would have made you immune to being annoyed at repeating yourself.~

Put me down for slow drivers in the left lane too. My rule of thumb is that if I am driving the same speed as the folks in the right lane, I get over. On the other side, I hate it when I am going 80 mph in the left lane the speed limit is 55 mph on the road I travel most on and someone still tries to crawl up my tailpipe. I’m sorry, 80 isn’t fast enough for you? It’s good enough for me and every other driving on this goddamn road. I also hate it when someone goes faster than 40 in a residential area. That is just dangerous and stupid and I will not get over so you can blow through a busy intersection at 60 mph. I am a serious stickler in this area. I know a lot of people would disagree with me but when I am in a highly populated area and anyone could just run across the street, I want to be at a speed that I can stop at soon enough to keep from splattering someone across my windshield.

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Augustian, My daughter made the same comment you made, several years ago, concerning “get out of my lane”.

I told her, “the interstate belongs to all the people and not just you. there is no such a “fast lane” on the interstate. The speed limit is still 70 mph in all the lanes, where posted.

The other day, there was a car going 35 mph in the far right lane on the interstate. I kept noticing the cars in front of me were hitting their brakes and now I know why.

A little ole lady(not from Pasedena)with a handcapped license plate was creating a very hazardous situation. Being in my personal car, I did not stop, but went around her, just like everyone else.

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I am guilty of driving 73 or 74 mph in the #1 lane, and not moving into a right lane when someone crawls up my ass. The #1 lane is usually groomed better, and is smoother. If they want to go around me, I don’t see the big deal for them to move into the empty lane to do it. I have seen people get annoyed with me, and drop small things out of their window, trying to crack my windshield after they pass me.

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@filmfann: People throw things at you because they were too lazy to go around you??? My god, those are the kind of people who shouldn’t be allowed to drive at all. That’s scary.

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Many places have “Stay right except to pass” or “Slower traffic keep right” laws with corresponding signage, so it’s not just an unwritten rule of the road. While it’s true that there is no “fast lane” per se, the left lanes are where the faster cars are supposed to be since the slower traffic is supposed to be in the right lanes.

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I am not a negative person full of hate or anger or anything like that. I travel light, no baggage whatsoever, and I don’t blame others for my problems or take it out on people just because I happen not to like the way they do things. Absolutely nothing makes me flush with anger and I have learned through the years not to get annoyed by petty things or things that are beyond my control. I have conditioned myself to accept a lot of things that used to annoy me in the past, and as a result I’m happier now.
That said, there are some things that really bother me and that I wish I could change, but instead of getting awfully annoyed I speak my mind up in a matter-of-fact kind of way and that usually takes my irritation away.
–Students who start asking questions about an assignment when I haven’t finished giving the general guidelines.
–Students who ask about exam dates and assignments’ due dates. A class calendar is in the class Website.
–People who don’t their job. (It’s not a favor you are doing me, you are getting paid for it.)
–People who curse, gossip, are unappreciative, and disrespectful.
–People who think they are cool because they curse, gossip, are unappreciative, and disrespectful.
–People who drink too much.
–Negative/Angry people (I’m not responsible for your problems.)
–Disorganized people.
–Sex scenes in movies or TV shows (I don’t want to see them naked or making love. Boring…not interested one bit.)

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When on a trip, wife and i usually travel on the inside lane next to the retaining wall. I do this for a couple of reasons. No. 1, I travel at 73 mph in hopes of slowing down some of drivers going 85 and 95 mph. Since I am traveling the speed limit, if a car wants to pass me, let him do it in one of the other lanes. I am abiding by the law. No.2, generally, the inside lane has much better pavement than the other lanes, used by truckers.

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@john65pennington that annoys me, and in California could get you a ticket. Slower traffic is obligated to be on the right. Purposely driving slower in the fast lane than the prevailing traffic is a safety hazard and is disruptive.

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Selfish drivers in Toyota Camrys; people who can’t speak English after living in Australia for many decades; all Toyota Camry drivers; students who think they can beg and plead higher marks for lousy work; people who drive Toyota Camrys; countries that try to play world policeman; anybody driving a Toyota Camry; queues at petrol stations; people who like Toyota Camrys; queues in the supermarket; queues to punch out that annoying Toyota Camry driver; people who say things like “2am in the morning”, “round circle”, and “ATM machine”; anybody who drives a Toyota Camry. Did I mention Toyota Camry drivers???

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Debbie Downers

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@Harold , What do you have against Toyota Camrys and their drivers? I owned a Camry for many years, got over 200,000 miles on it with great gas mileage and hardly any repairs.

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@LostInParadise- Nothing against them as cars, but somehow here in Sydney they seem to attract the worst drivers. Road hogs, blind fools, dangerously incompetent people. It may not be that way where you are, but it sure is here!

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I’m in the middle of finals now and I thought of an annoyance that is just mouth watering. I think you all will enjoy it as much as I do when I hear it.

Educators saying the test isn’t that hard.

Really? You mean the test in the subject to which you have devoted your entire career isn’t difficult for you? The test you have given three or four times a year for the past twenty years isn’t difficult for you? Really?

I abhor it when educators tell me that a test isn’t difficult.

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@KatawaGrey Aye I hear that. Friggin assmasters. That’s like the dentist asking you how everything is when your mouth is full of equipment, and expecting you to actually answer. It’s like a slap in the face. They know you can’t answer, and they know the test is hard as shit.

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Calling labor pains discomfort.

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