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What do you fight with your conscience over daily?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2725points) January 6th, 2012

Everyday I wake up and shout at myself to move more, eat less and be nicer to people.

I am forever being the one to take the easy option all of the time, although I am probably being harder on myself than I need to be, as there is never enough time in my day to do everything. Always think that no-one is going to notice, but I always do!!

So what do you fight with yourself over….big or small, lets rant about ourselves!

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Do more revision and spend less time on fluther/ebay/facebook… not really working.

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Exercise more, write more, be more productive – leave more behind. I report a medium success on all fronts. I’m not going to be too hard on myself – as my situation improves and I have more free time (in the army now), my productivity in areas I find important will rise.

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Not much, honestly. I used to do a lot of this, but I’ve pretty much accepted that I am what I am, and am not likely to change at this point. I’m ok with that, now.

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Whether I should opt for squeaking by financially by leaving work and being of some everyday value in people’s lives through volunteering.

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Play video games or read books.

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Fighting with conscience is a losing battle.
Something bothering you means you’re feeling guilty about something.

“Feeling guilty” is nothing more than allowing yourself to feel bad about that which you can’t or won’t act upon. Making yourself miserable does nothing to resolve the situation.

Correct thinking demands you either do something, accept whatever it is…

…or forget about it.

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Eating healthily vs eating what I think tastes good. It is important to me that I stay in good shape but I also really want that bacon and cheese pastry!!!

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