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Could you be in love with someone whom you are not attracted to? Is it possible?

Asked by Jude (32167points) April 11th, 2011

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Hardly sounds fun that way… ;)

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Yeah, but what will your libido think?

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So, why are you in love with them? Is there something else that causes the attraction? It has to be something…

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I love my mom and I refuse to take a bubble bath with her again.

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I think the attraction grows with the love.

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I have found that people get more attractive the more I get to know them and their personalities. So someone I would not initially be attracted to has turned out to be very attractive because of my feelings for them.

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I’m almost never initially attracted to someone based on their looks. (There may be one or two features I notice, such as eyes or smile). What usually attracts me to someone is who they are, what type of person they are…If I fall in love with the inner person, physical attraction always follows after…

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I’ve been in love with someone (yes, in a romantic way) who I don’t really think of sexually if that counts and/or makes any sense.

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Yes. Bob Dylan says so. Source at 4:10

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With true love, you can almost overcome anything. I’ve been in love with someone who wasn’t very attractive, but their personality outshone everything. That was the best relationship I was ever in. And plus, if they’re not attractive, that can be a plus. Lust before love turns a relationship to dust.

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Sure, I’ve been there. Someone who is outstanding in ways aside from your usual physical attraction can almost seem like they’ve been rolled in crack dust once the two of you bond.

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A roommate was in love with a female friend of ours, despite being a homosexual male.

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I found my husband attractive because of his personality, his character, his kindness, and all the things we had in common. He wasn’t unattractive physically, he just didn’t have physical traits I usually admired. As I fell in love with him, he became attractive to me physically. Worked for me. The reasons I married him are still valid today. We’re beginning our 50th year together.

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I don’t really think so. I think as you love someone, you become attracted to various aspects of them (spiritually, emotionally, physically, personality, intellect, etc.)... or vice versa.

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