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Have you ever dated or been intimate with someone with a visible physical deformity [Potentially NSFW]?

Asked by Mariah (25883points) May 19th, 2014

Was it a roadblock in your attraction to the person?

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My prom date my senior year had only one arm. It never bothered me in the slightest.

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In high school I dated a guy who had a somewhat deformed nose. It didn’t stop my attraction to him in the least.

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My first boyfriend had a 10-inch penis that was about 6 inches around. Not a deformity, I suppose, but that thing sure as hell wasn’t going in me. It wasn’t even fun to go down on him. What a waste.

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No, but if I really liked someones personality it wouldn’t matter.
Check out this guy!

@livelaughlove21 Haha..I had one of those scary encounters once too, but, I have had the opposite, 2 men with micro-weenies.
I think that is even worse, the most awkward moments of my life.

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Thanks for indulging my curiosity, jellies. I’m just wondering how this situation has been for other people. I am dating a wonderful guy with one leg right now and it has also been a non-issue for me.

I’m just trying to get a feel for how other people feel because – and maybe I need to be asking a younger audience to understand – he hasn’t had a girl interested in him since high school, and I can’t fathom why. It certainly isn’t his personality or his looks (I mean I’m biased but I think he is both the sweetest and best looking guy I know).

Admittedly, I had worries that it would be a turn-off during sex. I am damn well aware that you can’t choose to be attracted to somebody, even if you really want to be; that’s a large part of what ended my last relationships. I’m also aware that trying to make a sexual relationship work if you’re not super attracted to the person is largely futile (again, previous relationship…). Luckily, it continued to not bother me whatsoever once our relationship progressed to that point. Yay!

My physical issues are not immediately visible but that doesn’t mean they’re not gross. Luckily he so far seems to give equally as many shits about my digestive tract as I give about his leg.

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@Mariah Did you watch my video link? I LOVE that guy, he is so amazing!

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None of us are getting any younger, and it’s safe to say that a good many of us will face serious and potentially maiming health issues at some point. I think when you are young you don’t really grasp that. As you get older and begin having more friends die of disease than car accidents you become more mature and forgiving of physical issues and attractiveness and look deeper inside of a person. Maybe that’s why this man was invisible to women for a brief period… That age can be very vain because they’re all so stinking beautiful and healthy.

Congratulations on finding what sounds like a nice match.

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@GloPro Agreed. I was chatting it up with this really big guy waiting on chinese takeout last night. Yes, he was overweight but ya know what? He was the most personable person I have met in a long time. He was 56, a little older than me, a Berkley grad, has traveled the world, worked as a Geography prof. and cruise ship musician for years and we exchanged emails. I’ll tell you what, at this stage of the game I just want someone that has an IQ that surpasses a loaf of bread and a sense of humor and can actually hold a conversation. haha

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No, I don’t think that would work for me. I have had friends and acquaintances with physical challenges, and I don’t even notice them. But when I was dating, I viewed every date as a potential husband, and I find physical deformities very off-setting in a potential mate. I think it must be my hard-wired animal instinct. I hate to admit it – makes me sound very shallow, but it isn’t something I can help.

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I dated a girl in high school that was born with a gash between her legs.

She was a lovely girl and I never held it against her.

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^^^ That’s baaaad, baaaad, baaad. You bad boy you!

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@Blondesjon Of course you didn’t, she held it against you. LMAO!
Okay, back to our scheduled programming, carry on.

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@Blondesjon omg you are so funny

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@Coloma Just watched it. I’ve seen other videos of that guy before, but not that particular video. What a badass he is. Incidentally, his “chicken foot” (as he refers to it) looks pretty similar to what my guy has on his left side. My guy calls it his “baby foot” hehe.

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I would assume so, with the amount of people preoccupied with a skinny person dating a fat person.

Edit: That potentially sounded like an insult. I’m trying to say that people are mean when you like big women lol.

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I married my first boyfriend, and apart from severe asthma has no obvious body issues.

But in high school I had a mad crush on a guy with a huge port-wine stain across his face. His twin brother got all the attention (no stain), but the one I crushed on was way smarter and had considerably better manners.

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This one woman I got freaky with, must have been out of my mind, she commanded one and a half time zones with saddle bags larger than a camel’s hump; what was I thinking…..

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My first girlfriend had braces, It turned me on and I got great hickeys.

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My Prom date had a 44 ee top, was 22, weighed 105 and suspected I might not like her for long term reasons

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