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Should I get a hobby or something?

Asked by Blackberry (31057points) April 12th, 2011

I don’t “do” anything: I work, come home, have a gin & tonic while watching something on the computer then go to sleep.

On the weekends, I drink with friends and just waste my life away lol. I’m doing stuff to contribute to my hopeful success in the future, but being “on the grind” seems really mundane and boring when you don’t care about anything else. I read and research various thing on my off-time, but sometimes I just don’t care about anything except work. What should I do?

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Volunteer…or at least get a hobby! Start a garden….nothing is more rewarding than munching on a fresh salad you grew yourself!

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Try something creative like that.Put on some music and start drawing!

or learn the harmonica…they are fun! :)

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What makes you passionate? What do you love to do? I’d need to know more before suggesting more @Blackberry

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Join a band? Hey, every man needs a hobby. I mean, there’s no harm in trying ;¬}

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At the very least get outside and get some exercise! Walk, ride a bike, run, but outside in the fresh air. It’ll clear your head and get you moving.

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Take up fencing.

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I’m not into art, I guess I’d rather volunteer, or do something that actually makes me or someone else feel good lol. Now that I think about it, I’ve always wanted to work at an animal shelter.

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@Blackberry Animal shelters need a lot of volunteers in spring. Do it! Our local shelters get slammed with babies this time of year.

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@SpatzieLover What kind of work would I be doing? This sounds interesting.

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I’ll second @erichw1504‘s suggestion. It’s a great hobby/sport.

That being said, sounds like you could use a girlfriend (or boyfriend, depending on your preference). Having an SO will give the grind a bit more meaning and has a tendency to make that “free” time a bit more enjoyable.

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Depends on the shelter. Near my home, we have two Humane Societies. One is 99.5% no kill (they kill those that cannot become well again). Both have all domesticated animals, and wildlife centers. Baby bird, racoons, opossoms, ducklings, goslings and more all need hand feedings. The kittens and pups need to be trained, held and played with.

A lot of the volunteer hours go toward walking dogs, getting them out of their cages to play and making them less afraid of meeting new people.

There is also a wildlife rescue center. They take in everything. There, they need every type of volunteer imaginable. Anyone wiling to mow, garden, do repairs, feed animals, gather natural food sources (limbs, weeds, bugs, seeds) and more. Rescue centers are usually under-manned so anything you’d be willing to do is a help.

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Dance classes. Do Argentine Tango.

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Learn how to play the guitar, take up singing, volunteer at a runaway home (I do that, it’s a lot of fun and you can leave knowing you made a difference), adopt an animal, exercise, do some home improvement, join a club of some sort, or learn how to play a new sport.

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Yes. Something that stretches you, something that enriches you, something that leads you somewhere new.

Follow your impulse and at least look into becoming an animal shelter volunteer.

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Perhaps read a book? Maybe that will spark your interest in something else. I’m kinda in the same boat with you though.

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internet dating.

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@answerjill Tried it, got married, got divorced, had a shitty life during and afterward, and now I’m over it lol. @YoBob Maybe I just have bad luck with women, but every time I’ve made a woman the focal point in my life, it didn’t turn out well lol.

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OK, pottery class.

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I think that a hobby is something that get’s you not really vise versa.

Think about the things that you really like and also a few different things that you’ve never done to see if there is a genuine spark of interest. Then just go for it with gusto.

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You better figure out what happened with the girls in your life. The pool gets small really fast, then you’ll be left with sloppy seconds. Unless you really hate women, then forget about it. If that’s the case, you might as well start collecting guns and building a shelter for the end of the world. It’s not a hobby you’re missing, it’s therapy – to fix the hate.

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