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What can you guys tell me about Apple TV? Bonus: Apple TV in Europe (Italy, specifically)?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21511points) April 12th, 2011

So, my mom has a building they’ve renovated and now contain several vacation rental apartments. She wants to have some sort of TV service for clients, specifically hoping to have some basic TV in English like CNN, BBC, etc.

She’s checked into SKY and the other local satellite services and they charge an arm and a leg for non-residential service (like for hotels, restaurants, and her rental property). A friend of hers recommended Apple TV, but I know absolutely nothing about it.

I’m wondering if you guys have experience with it and can fill in the gaps of my knowledge. Can you use Apple TV to do what she wants, most importantly? If so, how would you go about setting it up and stuff?

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What I understand from contacting Apple is that it works with the internet however you are unable to get which was what I was looking for. It has particular apps that you can use such as netflix, youtube, mobile me and etc. If you go to which is a list of all apple’s international #‘s you can actually ask the reps there any questions you have on the products

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Apple TV streams stuff from itunes to your TV. This can be from your local computer or rentals direct from the itunes store.

To be honset i dont think that it will provide what she needs.

In the UK there is a free satelite TV service called Freesat (someone spent alot of time thinking that one up) which gives you the standard free UK TV channels, inlcuding HD ones . I know a lot of people in France who can pick up the signal so it may be possible to get this in Italy too.

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Apple TV isn’t like a cable box, which it sounds like what you’re looking for. Like @Lightlyseared said, it streams stuff from iTunes – whether it’s tv shows, movies, or music – plays on your tv set (it also has to be an HD TV). If you have a Netflix account you can watch movies and TV shows via instant watch, but it isn’t stuff that plays on regular television. Usually it’s previous seasons of shows or something.
I just got an Apple TV and I love it, mostly for Netflix and watching movies that I downloaded. I don’t think it will work for what your mom is looking for though.

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Thanks, guys! Very helpful and informative! :)

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It would not be Television, but she might offer a large variety of DVD’s and say, “This is one of the perks about this place! Relax and get away from it all!”

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