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Strange ache on my right side of my stomach. What do you think could be wrong with me?

Asked by sugarMonsterx (45points) April 12th, 2011

Since yesterday morning I’ve had this strange weird ache on the right side of my stomach. I’ve never had this feeling before. The pain feels tight, kind of swollen, and tender; like I’ve been kicked in the stomach. I only feel the pain when I move, stand up, or walk. I haven’t done any exercise or anything. The pain isn’t giving me too much grief, it’s more of an annoyance if anything. I’m not in agony. As I said, if I don’t move, I don’t feel it. But it does really hurt when I do move. I know about appendicitis but I’m doubting it’s that because I don’t have a fever or sick feeling with it.

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I’m not sure you get a fever with appendicitis or not. Is the pain in your lower right quadrant of you stomach? Either way, go to the doctor and get this checked out.

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I’m thinking you probably wouldn’t get a fever with appendicitis until later stages of it. Get that checked out! Right side abdomen pain has a distinct possibility of being appendicitis.

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Go see a doctor. We are not able to diagnose you over the internet.

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Possibly your gall bladder. Depending on your age, weight and eating habits.

Get to your doc!

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If you begin vomiting, or have diarrhea, get to an ER immediately. For now, get to your doctor or nearest medical clinic to get it checked out.

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Visceral pain (ie pain thats related to the soft tissues) is very hard to localise. Abdominal pain can be a symptom of pretty much any organ in the abdomen or chest. Don’t try to guess whats the matter get checked out.

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I know that they suspected apendicitis in my daughter when they would push on it and it hurt when they released. We aren’t medical professionals though. What if you took the advice of one of us who said to take a laxative and get over it and it ended up being something really bad?
Your doctor is really the only one who can tell you what’s going on and no one here wants to try to diagnose you via the intranet.
If it doesn’t go away by this afternoon you should at least call your doctor. Who knows, you may have a big fart by then and feel all better :-)

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This is nothing that can be diagnosed over the internet.

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Yeah, you should definitely get this checked out. I’ve had appendicitis, granted I’m no expert on it, but my experience sounds oddly similar to yours. I woke up with this weird pain on my right side, it hurt to move it, but otherwise felt fine. My mom got concerned and called the doctor (I was eleven at the time), and they told me to get to the hospital, despite having no fever or other symptom. You’ve waited a day, so get it checked out, especially if it gets worse (or even better where appendicitis is concerned, as I remember, the pain eases the more it progresses). Like everyone else said, though, you can’t be diagnosed via the internet, if that were the case Web MD would’ve terminally diagnosed everybody by now, so get on that and feel better.

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