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What have you done recently that makes you proud of yourself?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23160points) April 13th, 2011

I kept myself from ripping a lady to shreds when she was making rude comments about other kids during gymnastics today, and my kid was included in her disparaging remarks. I’m actually proud of myself for staying calm and not tearing her a new one.

So, what have you done lately that makes you feel proud? Did you accomplish something major? Did you help someone else accomplish a goal? Did you just do something average, but it’s out of character for you? Come on, everyone needs to pat their own back sometimes.

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Realized how lucky I am. Not to count my blessings. And, not give one shit about petty stuff.

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I shot a dime sized 3 shot group from my .204 from the 300 meter bench in a 15–25 mph crosswind.

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I’ve been helping my aunt who is very sick. I flew to NYC three times in the last 6 weeks, staying 5–9 days at a time. I am not sure I am proud, but I am pretty sure I am going to heaven, and that if there is karma, I have good things coming. I actually feel like I wish I could do more to really help her. I am hoping I can deal with the doctors so she can improve some, but dealing with doctors is not something I am very good at. I am hoping some things that have helped me, will help her, but it takes constant testing and adjusting of meds, and a very cooperative doctor. I do feel I made a positive impact on her daily routine right now, and her living conditions, and brought her some happiness.

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I wondered why our utility bill went from 130 per month to over 250. Nothing had really changed and it actually got warmer so it should have gone down. I looked around and noticed a really healthy patch of grass in the backyard. So I found the leaky pipe and repaired it. It was leaking a few gallons of water every hour.

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Yesterday I finished a paper on the algebraic argument that certain classic geometric constructions are impossible. I’ve spent nearly all my time on that for the past few weeks.

I scored in the 90th percentile on my major field assessment today. I wish I would have had time to actually study for it. I could have done better. Fortunately I’ve worked hard enough throughout my education that it didn’t make a big difference.

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I stayed up 2 days in a row just to tutor some fellow college students in calculus. A lot of the kids told me that if it wasn’t for me, that they would have failed the class. It felt good to know I helped!

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Bravo guys! <pat pat pat>

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You guys are all awesome!

I’ve been proud of some of the ideas I’ve implemented with my robotics kit lately, haha.

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I’ve managed two successful days at my new job. This is a complete career switch for me, so I’m trying to not make any or not too many missteps. So far, so good.

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@tedibear Good for you!!!

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Like you @WillWorkForChocolate I haven’t murdered anyone yet. :D

But really, nothing lol.

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I caught the frisbee today and made a play that helped our team while playing ultimate

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I asked a stupid question the a lot of people had a hell of a lot of fun with!

Cheered my son on at a baseball game his team won and had the pleasure of telling him how proud I was. Hmmm other wise a slow day.

I made @willworkforchocolate giggle at a response I gave last night, does that count.

Oh, this just happened.

My wife just brow beat me about letting my son take his uniform off in his bedroom and not the laundry room. I attentively listened without a smartass remark and said, “yes mam”, and intend to follow through on it.

and my wife giggled at this post.

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I am proud of myself for not having ripped my oldest brothers’ head off for calling me at least twice a week wondering when I was going to settle my mom’s estate. I’ve actually even been polite to him. What I want to say is “Listen you pile of shit, she’s only been gone 2 months and I’m in no hurry and you only visited her once a year so you don’t even deserve anything. Actually, I wish she had spent that money having fun and enjoying herself.” But I’m treating him as my mom would’ve wished and then when it’s all done, I won’t be talking to him any longer, the greedy s.o.b.
<rant over>

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@chyna Kick his ass and take all of the money!

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@KatetheGreat Seriously it isn’t very much once the bills are paid! Certainly not worth all the phone calls!

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@chyna, given the description of his emotional capacity his perspective is likely, it’s his and you have it, which is in line with all his other stella behavior (said with a sarcastic tone).

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@chyna sorry to hear that you have to deal with such an issue over something very sensitive.
Glad for your composure

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@Season_of_Fall I guess making me giggle counts, if you want it to count. =0)

@chyna Holy crap! I totally would have said something. I applaud your restraint.

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A. I got a job!!!!!!!!! finally!
B. I just made a KICK ASS noodleless, meat and veggie lasagna!

and I turn 24 tomorrow, but I guess I can’t really be proud of that…

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I just got thru my first inventory at work with very good results. I worked my butt off the last couple weeks preparing and when we got good numbers I was very proud.

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i was designing a web site whom recently i have completed which make me proud and feels good..

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