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I’m… not entirely sure what you’re asking here. But if I understand the question correctly, I’m accountable to my friends and family, to the government, to the people of the world in general, and to my own moral sense.

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Can you please clarify the question?

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To God, my family, and myself.

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Well, nobody places greater demands on me than I myself do. Nobody comes down on me quite as hard when I screw up as I myself do. No one is quite as hard for me to please as I myself am.

I can’t think of anyone else who would do a better job of keeping me in line than this stern critic here in my own skin. I try my darndest to keep from pissing him off.

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What Harp said.
But probably wouldn’t have captured my sentiments quite so nicely.

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To yourself. Period.

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My god, my kids, my conscience

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I don’t understand the question. Would you re-word it for me?

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Find someone who you trust, would never lie to, and is a good enough friend to ask you all the time: “how are you really doing?”

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I am personally accountable to myself. So as long as I can live with myself all is good. Being accountable to others feelings is a compromise, then you need to ask. How much compromise of your own self are you willing to do in order to have something or someone else. We all have a breaking point. Can you live with it. And if you can, then you are accountable.

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To Chuck Norris

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