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I want to do a foreign exchange in England, is Bristol a good city choice?

Asked by julietamd (16points) April 15th, 2011

I’m a 20 girl from Chile (South America), i wanted to do this 3 months exchange since high school. Now I’m trying to choose a city of England… I’m thinking in Bristol, maybe it’s because i’ve seen a lot of there in tv shows and seems beautiful and fun… any advice?

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yeah it’s got a great music scene too, but it is quite expensive.

Northern England is a lot cheaper, and Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield are all great! I’ve heard Newcastle is fun too, but you probably wouldn’t be able to understand the language.

I ♥ Sheffield…

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I lived in Bristol for a year after college and loved it. Lots to do, good restaurants, pubs and nice surrounding countryside. I highly recommend it.

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Bristol is okay but has a higher than average crime rate than most UK cities and something of a gun culture. Leeds and Manchester both have large student populations, loads to do and wonderful countryside nearby. London is an obvious choice too.

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I live very close to Bristol and I am a fan! The surrounding cities (Bath for example) and countryside is beautiful and there is plenty to do in the city centre. As @RareDenver said, there is a fairly high crime rate and you need to have street smarts.

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Bristol and other cities in the south are more expensive to live in than those in the north. The further north you go, the cheaper it is, and also generally, the more friendly people tend to be.

Bristol certainly is among the top handful of cities I’d reccommend for a foreign student. I’d highly reccommend Manchester too (but I’m biased because I live here and I think its a fantastic city). I’d also add Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield and Newcastle-upon-Tyne as well.

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