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What was your first memorable Fluther moment?

Asked by Aethelwine (42864points) April 16th, 2011

Mine was a warm welcome from augustlan (and she wasn’t even the manager yet, how kick ass is that!) and a few others. They virtually held my hand when I first joined. I’ll never forget. <3


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hmmm, interesting. Are we not Flutherites any longer? I put Flutherites as a topic, not jellies, but there it is.

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When I first entered this website, I thought it was going to be like another Yahoo Answers type thing. No matter what kind of question I asked or response that I made, I was welcomed with open arms! It was pretty sweet! After a while, I became acquainted with a lot of the people around here and I’ve made some pretty rad friends. So I would say the first memorable moment was when I was greeted with such great hospitality. A little goes a long way!

All of you reading this, you are amazing!

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I started my Fluther experience with a personal question and then some that I seriously didn’t think would ring any bells with anyone. But everyone was so warm and welcoming. This only my second day on Fluther and I feel like I’m with good company. Props to augustlan, too, for helping me out and welcoming me to the site along with the few others. :)

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Having flirtatious conversations with Delirium. Being greeted by a bunch of people, including my dear Augustlan, and telling a persistent troll to shove off, which earned me a lot of lurve. I even got to ban him as a mod when he came back over a year later in a different incarnation :D

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The first day I joined, I remember clicking on the “add yourself to your Fluther” button when it was still there and it took me to the Wiki narcissism page. I lol’d.

But I can clearly remember the first time I ever spoke to Lucille (my homie for life) and the little conversation we had and everything. We both migrated from Answerbag and while we participated on AB together for 5 months, we NEVER crossed paths until we came here. I’m so thankful and happy for that! :)

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Meeting a group of people from this site. That was a big one.

And the whole migration. That was pretty crazy.

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I wrote about this on my blog:

”...there was a discussion on the site about Christmas shopping. I mentioned that my husband was facing a lay-off at work and we were unsure if we would even be able to do any Christmas shopping. When I signed on the next day, I had a private message from a fellow member of the site – expressing the hope that the layoff wouldn’t come and hoping it wouldn’t offend me if she offered to send me a little money to buy a few things for our kids. She remembered what it was like to be in that position herself many years prior. “It would be a gift”, she stressed. No repayment would be expected or accepted. I had tears streaming down my face at the generosity of this ‘stranger’ as I replied to her message. I respectfully declined (as we had relatives to fall back on if need be). I deeply appreciated her offer for many reasons. Not the least of which was a new definition for the word friendship.”

It was cak. I’ll never forget that. Ever.

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Also, I have no idea why “Flutherites” would change to “Jellies”. I think both are acceptable. Weird.

Also, I love you people.

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The way it looked. The colours and the way the site was categorized.

People were friendly enough [ not to friendly because that would made it awful ^^ ]

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An exceptionally warm welcome from many jellies and a nice PM from Andrew.

I’ve been here for so long that I hesitate to single out any jellies for fear of forgetting others, but one of my first greeters, and favourite jellies, designed this avatar. That was a special moment for me.

I can’t resist: I have to mention Auggie the bestest jelly ever. She makes this place, well, fluther.

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I guess mine was being welcomed by AstroChuck then closely by Violet.

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Seeing so many old friends from AiROW who I thought I might never see again. you know who you are xxx

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Truthfully? Being treat like a leper by some jellies who needed to retrieve their heads from their arseholes. Along with the other answerbag refugees, those initial days/weeks revealed a lot I have to say. It’s all water under the bridge now of course, just my honest reply :¬)

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I kind of had the same reaction and impression @ucme illustrated above. I mean no real surprise as hundreds of us ex-patriot AB’rs did crash the quiet humble abode here and were just acting normal which apparently wasn’t normal behavior here! And getting used to protocol, serious hall monitoring and only 3 questions a day took a LOT of getting used to. But seeing my best friends stick around and making many new good friends here is what has helped make this a nice place to be.

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Getting scolded by Gailcalled.

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A nice and welcoming PM by Astrochuck and I think wtfgary, too.

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A political “discussion”. ;)

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My very first time answering a post This one I sorta got bullied by an ‘old timer’ and even after apologizing humbly, many of the jellies came to my defense. I really felt special and decided to stay (I was really considering leaving). I received a nice welcome PM with a note stating some Jelly’s bark is worse than their bite.:-p.

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I got a very nice welcome from Bobo1946 (who isn’t here anymore) and talked to @Blackberry for a while. @Katalac88 discussed my 2nd question with me too.

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About a month after I joined, I got this PM from FutureMemory, who, sadly, isn’t here as often anymore:

I like your presence on the site. I’m going to suggest to the secret inner circle that we vote on you now rather than in 6 months. Welcome to the fold.

<hands you a Full Member pin>

Sorry, I’m still up from last night. Seriously I usually don’t pay much attention to brand new members (not to be taken as being snooty or whatever, it’s just when you know so many people already you sort of wait for newer folks to make a strong impression before bothering to thoroughly read each of their posts), but in my book you’ve already graduated to the ‘regular’ list, so to speak.

It made me feel pretty great. :)

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A couple of weeks after joining, I got caught up in this thread. At the time, it was very stressful, but I have long since made peace with both shilolo and nikipedia, with whom I now share friendship and mutual respect.

Still, it was quite an introduction to Fluther!

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Being invited to join (the Beta) and being able to navigate the site. I was astonished at the possibilities, having been a member only of my online college class listserv, which was quite another kettle of fish.

@Jude: Belated apologies. There were a number of ferocious debates in the early days about writing standards. Of course, I happily took the high road.

And there was the invaluable collective assistance when Milo first arrived and fell under my naive and inexperienced management. After the first three weeks, we were both half-dead, he at the vet’s with a temperature, IV fluids and the shakes, and me at home recovering from my first nervous breakdown.

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I was pming with justjustine and lucille sent me a pm and I didn’t realize I was pming with two jellies at once. It went on for awhile without me noticing. Justjustine got weirded out by my answers, lucy thought it was funny. I was hooked. Plus a few other memorable moments that I’d like to forget.

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Maybe not the first, but one of the most memorable. I posted this after a rough evening, and Auggie PMed me with an offer of her shin-kicking services. I was so touched that she noticed, interpreted so quickly, and was ready to do battle on my behalf based on a such a quick little quip.

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When I wrote my first few posts, I was quite tentative and off-balance. I wasn’t sure what this site wanted, or what was expected from me.
I found a question from Zen, which asked “Which is the most popular, and funny, terrorist organization?”
I was caught off guard by such a question, and answered “the crack suicide squad from Life Of Brian.”
Zen’s reply to me was “Welcome Home”. I can’t tell you how good that message felt to me.
It felt exactly like I had found a home.

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Too long ago to remember…..

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When I finally realized what this site was actually about, which took me a good two months to learn. It’s not your typical Q&A site, and I was surprised at the amount of freedom we have here. All the subjects one can bring up, from normal to just plain bizarre, and how people can go totally off track in questions and have real discussions. The lack of restriction was something I really came to appreciate.
Yeah, for a long time I was of the mind that it was all cliquey and some of the mods were biased. But after a while I saw that this was pretty much bullshit, and if it was like that, I would have been banned a long time ago haha. I’ll be hard pressed to find another site that’s anything like this one.

Of course, the site isn’t good only because of how it’s built or how it works, it’s mainly the people that make it what it is, and ultimately that’s what surprised me at every street corner. It’s a small community, but a unique one, at least when it comes to internet standards.
All that to say, one memorable moment is when I made this this question. I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to, being kind of afraid of the responses lol.
I thought maybe I would be made fun of, or that people would crack witty one liners and shit, but I was very surprised at how supporting people were. Even some who I barely even know on here. So that was pretty cool. Sometimes you just gotta say shit, and can’t find anyone, so I know this place can help for that, whether one may be looking for a solution or not. So if I keep going on and on about my drinking problem all the time, it’s all you guys’ fault for accepting me as I am haha. :p

Also yesterday I learned the difference between the ’‘dark ages’’ and the middle ages, while I had been going around on Answerbag for like two years saying the Spanish Inquisition happened in the dark ages. Nobody ever corrected me haha. I also wrote a huge answer about poop. I’m pretty sure I’m never gonna forget that.

While those last two may seem like me tryna be funny, it does tie in to what I opened this answer with. Knowledge, acceptance and variety make for lots of memorable moments. I just hope some day I can help someone on here haha.

Also, zombies.

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@Symbeline I just adore you and I think that question you asked was pretty bold and inspiring. :)

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@Vunessuh Our chat room sessions are pretty epically memorable, too. ^^

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^ little Fluther love in going down, love it

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Love is in the air…:D

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Everytime I look around

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Fluther is always DTF (down to fuck).
It’s like the only glory hole that’s open 24/7 on the internet.

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Shortly after I joined, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard and I engaged in a massive tag team on a gun control thread. There have been several repeats of that, but the first one definitely sticks out in my head.

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I got into it almost immediately with malevolentbuttlick. That never really let up until he left. I believe he explained why he felt Asians were better immigrants than Mexicans.

Plus I think I got pissed off about Walmart too.

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It was finding out that other people are curious as to why there are so many shoes spotted on the side of the road and how they might possibly get there.

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Hmm… I remember answering @gailcalled‘s questions about cats. I think she had just got him when I joined. I also remember having beef with a certain member, but we worked it all out and now she’s my homie.

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I can’t think of anything :/

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Campfire chatroom fun in the wee hours of morning with Shilolo, Dr_C, Allie, Eponymoushipster and others.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Stephen King could probably write a short story about mysterious highway shoes.

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@Symbeline Yess! Mr. King certainly could!

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Mine was a warm welcome from @ANef_is_Enuf. She made me want to come back.

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In the first 10 minutes I got answers that actually made sense.

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@tinyfaery: I remember clearly your advice and wish only that I had you here to teach me how to teach Milo. You seem to be able to be firm and yet scratch-free. You have the mysterious ability to be loving and yet to brook no nonsense from your cats.

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@bob_ You mean none of those whippings I’ve given you were memorable? I’m crushed.

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@augustlan He might be used to it by now…@Vunessuh and I keep punishing him all the time. :D But hey, he can always use more pain! I hear you have a real whip…I’m interested in this. :) So is @Bob

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@gailcalled I hope to meet Milo in person someday. I’ll make appreciate your hands-off approach.


Being welcomed by old friends that came here from another answer-and-question site. Exiles or “run-aways”, so to speak. Made me feel warm and welcomed, but I was also delighted to see them here.

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Going back and forth with wundaywatta on a Q.

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@tinyfaery: Just say the word. I’ll pack his bags and teach him how to thumb a ride with any paw. He’s in disgrace today.

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@gailcalled Could Frankie tag along?

gailcalled's avatar

@Jude: Sure, as long as his grooming is up to snuff.

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A heated disagreement with a fellow jelly who I went on to have real respect for (thatperson is now one of mmy favourite jellies). That was a few months after I joined Fluther I think.

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I’ve just noticed all the typos in my post and it is too late to edit. Sorry, it’s late here!

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When I was first introduced to the frizzer question.

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Hmmm…. it would have to be my first answer. The day my I made my account with help from my mom, I saw a question that I knew I was going to answer. it as about chicken soup and why it makes people feel better. my answer pretty much caused a whole debate to start about whether the placebo effect had anything to do with it. I found it amazing.

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Sadly it was this thread. Which was my first on fluther really negative experience, where I was told:
“I think you’re just trying to be confrontational.”
“Bitches be trollin’.”
“Quite frankly, I think you just want to label me as racist.”
“Stop intentionally misunderstanding her.”

I remember my heart racing and my mind just being boggled. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

I think the majority of my fluther experience has been positive, so the negative moments are the most memorable.

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@everephebe Dit youy make some whacky “Nutter List”? Sometimes when you force people to go further than their Gray matter will expand they get mad and attack. ;-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central Reading and writing only convey so much.
And if we discussed in classrooms instead of threads there might be less misunderstanding. Of course less misunderstanding could pose more of a problem too. :D

The thread I mentioned was just… Slightly a touchy subject. (Gender and race.)

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Is it just me? The link that @everephebe provided on this thread is showing YARNLADY’s image in several responses not left by her.

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@Pied_Pfeffer You will find your answers here my Padwan Apprentice.

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Night of the Yarnlady.

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WOOP WOOP!!!! ( Grins like a complete idiot) ^-^

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As I am a newb… I admit.
I really enjoy the broad range but the best memory was finding my English Teacher account.

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@Trojans40 Welcome to Fluther!

‘Finding your English Teacher account’? Can you explain what this means?

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thank You!
My English Teacher account is on Fluther, she showed me this website during class. I was really interested with it. Then I happen to find her and I was like cool. Here I don’t have to treat her like a teacher, but someone as normal as me and not have to respect her role as a teacher.

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@Trojans40: Is English not your first language? And please, please, remember that the difference between the student and teacher is not defined by normal/ abnormal.

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English is not my first language, and I read and write in 5 langauages. English is my second langagues and Dirty “pardon my french” is my first.
My High School English Teacher. Is that better defined?
Or is this; a student in a classroom, I must accept my teacher is a teacher, I must accept that by society expectation as a student. She; as a teacher, must follow the society expecation to be a teacher to teach me.
On Fluther, that teacher, is not my teacher here on the site. She another human being that I don’t know anything about. So I treat her like if she someone I never met.

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What’s your native language?

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You really want to know? ASL. American Sign Language. That means I am deaf? Yea. I rather be called hard-of-hearing thou.

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Thank you for the answer. Does your English teacher sign?

Welcome to fluther.

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Thank you @gailcalled.

Yes, she does.
In fact, all the teachers at my school does.
Deaf School

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@Trojans40 I believe I know who your teacher is. She is a wonderful addition to Fluther. I hope you like it here. Welcome!

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@jonsblond want to know what was wonderful? She gave us homework on one of the Fluther many questions. I do like it here. And Thank you.

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If your teacher is who I think it is, you’re in good hands! Welcome to Fluther, @Trojans40.

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This is so great!

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Welcome to Fluther @Trojans40.

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Of course I have to say the migration, which I incidentally started. After that it would have to be getting the nickname “jay-zero-eeeeeeeee” from @Allie.

But my most memorable Fluther moment of all time has to be seeing a group of my best Fluther friends in real life.


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