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Any ideas about iPhoto and getting the photos onto the desktop or onto my email?

Asked by gailcalled (54577points) April 17th, 2011

Under the “share” dropdown menu is the command (not grayed) to “set desktop.” Nothing happens when I click on it. Nor does anything happen when I use the “email” or “set desktop” icons at the bottom right of the iPhoto page. I can still import to Flickr by the same method. Any suggestions? I can call Apple support if really necessary.

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Are you software updates current? I’ve had problems in the past when I was behind on updates.

I opened iPhoto, selected a photo, selected share, set desktop and it immediately changed the desktop. Email asked me a sizing question, and then opened up an e-mail form in Apple mail.

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It’s iPhoto ‘09 (8.1.2 ) The update is iPhoto ‘11, which I can unbundle from iLife ‘11. Is that a good idea? Will I be able to to the upgrade myself and keep all my photos in the iPhoto library?

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I usually just click the apple in the left hand corner and do software updates from there. It scans for you and gets what you need to update.

I have a hard drive icon in the upper right hand corner of my desktop, and if I select desktop under places, it opens a window with my desktop folders and images. There’s a little icon that looks like a gear at the top of the desktop window, and if I click that can choose desktop images or or my iPhoto library.

I’m still on 2009, and don’t use iLife, just straight iPhoto that came with the thing. Yes, you should be able to do the upgrade yourself without losing your photos.

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Thanks. I know about the updates under the apple icon. The drop-down on the gear wheel when I open the hard drive looks less useful. Need to postpone this until Tues., however. Thanks for the tips.

Why, however, is iPhoto ‘09 behaving so erratically? I don’t do anything fancy; desk top, email and flickr covers it.

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Are you looking to email a few pictures? Do you use the Mail app? If so, just drag the album or photos to the mail message – and presto!

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This may not be the problem- but have you actually selected any pictures before choosing any of these options?

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Something is broken. I can get partway in the process…

Highlight photo
Click on “set desktop icon” on bottom right of page. Two of the fifty pictures I have stored in iPhoto will work and appear as desktop photo. The rest just sit on the iPhoto page when I click on the icon, but the picture that I have on the desktop disappears.

Highlight photo.
Click on “email” icon.
Little window pops up entitled “Mail 1 Photo.”
I can choose “size”, “Titles,” “Descriptions and “Location information.”
Then I hit “Compose Message.”

So far, so good…little window where download should take place flashes on the screen and then vanishes. I do get a new email page with the Img. number in the subject window, but no image, with two exceptions. These are different images from those that work for desktop display.

OTOH, I can send any or all of the images to flickr where they behave normally.

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A couple of things to try-

- Repairing permissions- Open Disk Utility in the Utilities forlder and select “Repair Permissions.”

-Rebuild your iPhoto library.

Let us know if this helps!

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@crisw; I just ran the Disk Utility Repair Permissions (which I run once a week in any case). No change. But thanks for a good idea.

II’ll check out the rebuild link tomorrow after I have my car serviced and can concentrate.
I’ll get back to you.

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