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Cleaning a MacBooks outer cover?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) October 5th, 2008

What should I use for cleaning?

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It can get kind of greasy out there. I like baby-wipes, which basically clean EVERYTHING from ANYTHING. Scary how well they do the job, actually when you consider they are made to wipe nasty things from babies’ bottoms.

Baby wipes are actually great for cleaning dirty automotive parts and getting ink/blood stains out of your clothing and even ink off your hands/skin.

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Thanks! It is very dirty.

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I wouldn’t trust baby wipes. The chemicals (alcohol, etc.) might mar the surface.

iKlear is made to clean the computer/TV/electronic thing. It’s like, $20 a bottle, but it works!.

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I second iKlear!

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@blastfamy: I have been using baby wipes on them ever since they began manufacturing them. No “marring” has occurred.

I should have mentioned this, but you should never use anything with any harsh chemicals on screens. So, no baby-wipes there. EVER.

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iKlear is too expensive to be using on the outer cover of your laptop, save it just for cleaning your fingerprint-covered screens.

Baby wipes are incredible.

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what has the effect been on the white plastic interior (matte plastic/ keyboard) with baby wipes? Anything bad there?

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Have never had a problem with that, white, black, or aluminum.

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there are alcohol-free baby wipes! i’d wipe my baby’s ass with it (if i had one)—so i’d wipe my macbook with it too…

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@macmann or @anyone I suppose.. Is Windex ok for the screen if I don’t spray it directly onto it?

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i just use the cloth that came with my macbook alum, and a tap of distilled water if necessary.

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I’ve used paper towels with isopropyl alcohol to get rid of scuffs and such on the outer casing, but a moist paper towel will clean your computer quite nicely unless you’ve put off cleaning it for a few weeks (like I inevitably do).

@queenzboulevard The laptops with a glass front can be cleaned with normal glass cleaner, I suppose. For laptops with traditional LCD screens, the Apple User Manual says on page 107 to only use water on a clean cloth to clean your screen.

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What color? and windex! spray it on some paper towels and wipe it clean but NOT directly on the computer. :)

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Seriously, a paper towel, moist with a little water works great! Simple!

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