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Why it a bad thing to make yourself less human?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) April 17th, 2011

Throughout my entire life I have been bullied and outcast, and I naturally developed an excellent ability to bottle up my pain and anger automatically, it happened without my thinking of doing it. I also locked up some emotions, such as hurt, compassion, empathy, love, lust, and the want to ahve someone close to me.

Being a cold person isolated from most people is completely fine with me, and these emotions that I removed would only make me weaker.

I also once every month or two, whenever I start feeling emotions like this spend a couple hours zoned out, usually pacing back and forth, searching throughout my thought process to seek out these emotions and remove them, that way I can continue thinking in a precise, logical manner without these things to cloud me.

Why is this such a bad thing? I have not experienced any bad from this, only good.

eventually I would like to become like this guy.

lol just kidding.

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Everyone is different. If you are content blocking out these emotions, then that’s fine. You are who you are, and you know when you are happiest. I personally would not want to remove emotions from my life, but if it works for you, then others should be able to accept that.

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Denying who/what you are is a surefire recipe for emotional issues. Better to develop holistic strategies for dealing with emotions rather than denying them. Which is why I always hated the Vulcans on Star Trek.

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I used to be just like you until just a few weeks ago. I wanted all emotions gone. It made me feel stronger. Like if I don’t have emotions nothing can get to me, so I know exactly what you’re are talking about here. The reason people don’t like people with this type of personality ( in my experience and observations ) is because they subconsciously pity us and want to help but they don’t know how to so they avoid us. The people who do know how to help are influenced by their want to be popular so they won’t help either in fear it will ruin their reputation. I can go a bit deeper if you wish.
P.S I suggest you try to find the in depth meaning of this quote I made. “ice breaks more easily on contact with conflict than silly putty.”

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If you want to talk sometime I’ll always be here. (:

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How old are you… not that it matters. I’m just wondering.

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First of all, you are human, and you can’t just elect to give up emotions. By suppressing your emotions, you are a volcano waiting to erupt.

Also, you may cut yourself off from the “bad” emotions, but only at the cost of the “good” feelings like love, joy, contentment, etc.

What is good about your life? It sounds sterile and empty without feelings.

I think you would do better working to accept the feelings that you have and let them flow through you naturally.

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17 today

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Happy birthday! Did you get any presents or cake and ice cream?

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Did someone tell you that this is a bad thing? If so, perhaps you should ask them why (not that you shouldn’t also ask us if you like.)
If no one else told you this is a bad thing, then what gave you the idea? Why are you seeking validation or falsification of it?

Personally I don’t think there is any escape from emotion. After great effort and many years of rigorous training it might be possible to marshal one’s emotions under control so that they are useful and not otherwise. I wouldn’t know.

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You’re likely fully aware of this already but I’ll say it anyway. @marinelife is right about the 2 for 1 package deal thing. When you get rid of all bad emotions you also get rid of the good ones. What you may be unaware of is that it turns you into a sort of zombie. You may be surviving and living but with emotions comes thriving and love for your living, with the small price of a little pain.

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@rock4ever Yeah, but its no fucking big deal. 500 million other people share my birthday.

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it’s not inherently a bad thing to be private but it does not sound like you really want to bottle yourself up as much but you don’t know another way to be.
Being bullied and outcast is not just a circumstance you have to live with forever you might be able to change these things. @koanhead has some good questions about how you have come to consider your current state bad.
@marinelife and @rock4ever have superb points about the price of a stoic defense mechanism. It’s better than nothing and can at times be necessary to do that but its not all you can experience in life.
Some date on the calendar is not necessarily special but that is quite a coincidence that you are asking the question today on your birthday. You personally do have cause to validate and celebrate your existence and this is a pretty good day to do that. There is some very kind company in the thread, enjoy.

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@dabbler it’s just cause in my other question people were ranting about how bad it is, so i wanted some straight up answers. If it hadn’t been for the BS epople around here are doing I wouldn’t have remebered.

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@XOIIO I’m seriously curious what emotions make you weaker? How do they make you weaker?

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@bkcunningham because your thoughts get clouded by them, and they interfere with your ability to think logically. Also, if other attempt to hurt you emotions make you angry, and when you are angry you are weak. You don’t think clearly when you are angry.

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Because you ARE a human. You are not a machine or an animal or a figment of your own imagination, or a character in a book or a movie, or a cartoon character or a video game character. You ARE a human being.

Regular people do not usually find it pleasant to associate with people who are devoid of human emotions and characteristics. If you don’t strive be a human being, then you are likely to live your life alone. That would be pretty painful and shitty and boring and lonely.

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