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Do you think of any jellies as your regulars?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) April 17th, 2011

Are there any jellies who will regularly respond to your questions? For the matter, are you a regular responder to anyone here? Spill the beans :D

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No. I have no regulars that I flock to. I Fluther randomly. If I like the question and feel like answering, I do and it doesn’t matter who you are.

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I do, and she know who she is….

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I suspect it’s pretty much the same regulars for everyone:

Oh god. I’m sure I could go on and on. So many regulars.

who I respond to? I’m an equal opportunity responder

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I tend to see the same avatars when I pop in, so there are the regulars I guess but I respond randomly, me being a part timer here and all….. :-/
It’s always nice to be involved from time to time, when I have the time! :-/

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What @AmWiser said but if I find myself answering enough of a certain jellie’s questions then I add them to my Fluther so that I don’t miss any of their questions in the future.

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I see a lot of the same avatars when I ask questions, but they are also the same avatars that I see regularly around the site. So, yes and no. I think they are just regulars to Fluther, in general.

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I notice a lot of the same people answering my questions I dont think this has anything to do with me though, more just that they are the best versed in the type of things I ask questions about.

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Most of the mommies and a chocolate chip cookie. :D

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No, there’s quite a variety of responders I get when I ask a question.
To be honest I’m not really sure whether there are “regulars” when it comes to answering… I just answer the questions according to my fields of interest/topics.

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Hmm…if I had to guess off the top of my head, I’d say that I don’t really get regulars, it all seems pretty varied. Sometimes though, I get this spontaneous stream of someone answering like three to five of my questions all in a row, then it stops lol.
As for me, I’m pretty random about it, however I often check out the ’‘questions from people you follow’’ feature. I mean I didn’t choose to follow them for nothing lol.

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I don’t pay attention to who’s asking a question; I just pay attention to the question itself. Who’s doing the asking has nothing to do with whether I’ll answer it or not.

I mean, there are a bunch of Jellies that I love, but I won’t answer a question of theirs unless it’s something that interests me.

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I know that, generally, iamthemob, dominicx, jleslie, augustlan, mattbrowne and a couple of others will answer my questions.

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I keep my list and my pencil is always sharp! you know who you are!!

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I have a list of people I will not help if they need it. That is assuming they are looking to solve a problem. If a homophobic user asks why their computer won’t start I laugh and pass by even though I could probably help.

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My questions are too random to have any cohesive group of people who consistently answer them, though iamthemob, mynewtboobs, and a few others have answered me rather consistently.

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I could use @wundayatta ‘s list, adding a few and subtracting a couple and then add his name to it.

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I don’t know about having regulars myself, but I do feel like a regular for a few different jellies.
Not spilling the beans, rather flick them instead. :p

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There are 2 or 3 whose answers I’ll browse daily.
I answer questions solely on the basis of what’s being asked, regardless of who’s asking.

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I’m pretty sure that there are a couple of jellies who will deliberately not answer my questions, but I’m not sure why. Perhaps I am not worthy.

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Everybody is my regular.

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