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Can anyone suggest ways in which I can watch the NBA Playoffs after they've been broadcast (from outside the US)?

Asked by Fatfacefun (144points) April 17th, 2011

Sometimes I stream basketball games live on my computer but sadly, due to time difference, this is often not possible as I am asleep. TV in the UK only covers a very small percentage of games, which I am then able to record and watch later. This means I am missing games I would really like to watch. Does anyone know of ways I can watch games after they are broadcast from outside the US? Thanks.

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The internet is a good source such as espn or the local station it was on.

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I’ve used Applian Replay A/V for years to record audio off the net. I schedule a bunch of shows and they get recorded every week.

I think their Media Catcher would the equivalent to schedule video recordings. You can download a free trial version to see if it fits the bill.

I’m sure there are plenty of other apps if you Google “download streaming video”. But I haven’t tried the others because Replay A/V does exactly what I need.

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