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What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen on Fluther?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 18th, 2011

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In what context?
(Fluther doesn’t tolerate much “weirdness”.)

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@SABOTEUR Anything funny or completely out of the ordinary.

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Gee…a lot of relationship questions are weird…too many, in fact…but I make it a practice to ignore those questions so I guess I can’t answer.

Thanks for the clarification, though!

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The naming of a cactus. The cake in the frizzer is epic in its strangeness. We also have a persistent troll that has a fetish for windbreakers and swishy pants.

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naming of cactus

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The interesting and fun April Fool’s parties we used to have.

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The afternoon we all changed our icons to AstroChucks.
I spent the entire afternoon laughing.

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The naming of the cactus would have been weird if it had been an honest question. It wasn’t.

I agree @filmfann. That was a fun day. =)

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There was a thread about a year ago (I can’t remember which one exactly) where a member (who isn’t with us now I don’t think and his membership here was short lived as far as I know) admitted to being a paedophile (sp?). I never really worked out if he was being honest or just trying to provoke but I remember his answers on the thread being well thought out and well written. If I remember rightly his arguement was that, just because he was attracted to very young children, didn’t mean he was going to act on these feelings. I remember being unsure about whether to feel disgusted or not as he was explaining how he couldn’t help these feelings blah blah blah. It was weird because I had never heard someone openly admit to being a paedo and whilst some of his opinions on how the law should be on such matters (he believed that adults and young children could have a loving, sexual relationship without the adult having more power than the child) freaked me out, I felt he was genuine when he said that it wasn’t a feeling he had any control over. I just hope that he has never and will never act on his feelings.

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I’ve seen rational, intelligent, tolerant people go completely ape shit on here over the topics of Christianity, Sarah Palin, and Santa Claus.

The weird part is the amount of irrational emotion spent on three things that are completely made up.

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The troll who always asks for nice people to help him remember oddly specific dates and to not be mean to him.

Really goddamn weird.

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@SABOTEUR Fluther doesn’t account or tolerate weirdness? Um, where have you been?

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Militant Capitalists accusing me of being a Commie. ;-P

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@Mariah What the hell?? Lol I pick that as the weirdest thing I’ve seen on here, too.

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They guy who asked whether having a penis that was 15 inches long when erect was normal.

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@KatetheGreat Somewhere else, obviously, reading all these responses.

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There was a thread (I can’t remember which now) that MissAnthrope brought to my attention where one person went into a long rambling argument/rant over many posts with herself
—I wish I could recall it. Something about “it hurts when you step on my toes”

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@Blueroses This one? What I think you refer to starts here. With @PeOde‘s POed (pissed off) ode.
@augustlan response, is… perfect.

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@everephebe YES! That’s it! Thank you, I can sleep now.

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@Blueroses No problem. If you want I can read you a bedtime story too. :D

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@Blueroses and @everephebe You just made my night with that. I can’t believe I missed it! That is classic! I had to give the user a GA for effort. :D

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I’ll take you up on that @everephebe ;) Remember, I’ve heard your voice now and I’ll bet you tell a great bedtime story

Isn’t that batshit awesome @jonsblond? By the time I got to “Anybody need an asshole husband?” I was in brain pain. Do you laugh or cry?

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@Blueroses Ok, here is the first chapter of The Little Prince. I had to do it in one take, so I messed up a couple of times.

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Oh, perfection @everephebe! I adore that story and stand by my original assessment of your voice. Thank you!

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@Blueroses Ah, thank you, cheers.
My avatar is a sea angel for a reason. ;D
Bonne nuit.

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