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What's the weirdest thing that you have taken a big bite of?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24544points) November 24th, 2021

Like a block of cheese? Raw turnip? Oinion?

Humor welcome.

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Oh, dear. It was horseradish. When I put it on my plate at the buffet, I thought it was mashed potatoes. What a disastrous mistake.

I guess the stuff itself wasn’t weird, but taking a big bite of it was.

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@Jeruba mine is some wasabi peas and wasabi paste on sushi.
Also month old chicken and pop in my locker in high school. Yuck! Even worse I tried removing the taste from the chicken with a fountain drink and it was moldy. Yuck!

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I guess I would have to say a piece of rattlesnake meat. We went to a rattlesnake round up one year, and they had little bites of snake meat they were handing out at one of the tables. Not bad, tasted like chicken. No, really. But my thought was, damn, I’m eating a frickin’ poisonous reptile!

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A maggot infested leg of chicken.

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The first time I tasted liver I thought it was roast beef and I was hungry!

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Lutefisk. I’ll never forget it.

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Bamboo Rat.

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Mayonnaise. I saw it at a buffet and thought it was vanilla pudding. I prepared a dessert bowl, sat down, and took a nice, big bite…

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@Love_my_doggie: Mayo is something I used to like on sandwiches but now I only like it in salads like potato or macaroni salad. On a sandwich, I think it’s gross now. I also hate the way it smells on my hands.

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Some pasta dish with small squids in it that my sister made. GAWD!

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I had an alligator po boy in Atlanta once. It was very salty.

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Durian. It was delicious, but getting past the smell to taste the fruit was horrible.

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Dry Dog Food. As a kid we used to play cards and the loser had to eat a piece of dog food.

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@jca2 It’s hard to describe how disgusted I was by a huge mouthful of mayonnaise!

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“I also hate the way it smells on my hands.”

May I suggest trying a different moisturizer? ;-)

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I’m sorry but I cannot compete with the humor above.

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