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Seems like we all carry bottled water around. Is it making us sick?

Asked by Aster (20016points) April 18th, 2011

Is it polycarbons that leech into the water when the plastic gets warm? I heard a couple doctors chuckling about it. People are all about staying hydrated but are they putting dangerous substances made from warm plastic into their bodies all day? We are not supposed to microwave in plastic, freeze drinks in plastic and yet we think it’s great for us to drink out of plastic all day.

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I only drink bottled water straight out of the refrigerator…otherwise, I can’t stand the stuff…

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I don’t drink from bottles much anyway. I stay thirsty throughout the day, then guzzle water from my brita filter at home lol. But yes, I have heard about the dangerous platics.

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Gimme a break. Two answers when 98 percent of the people I see have water bottles with them.

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I do make sure not to leave cases of water in my car (except in the winter) any more, ever since I heard about this…

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The concern is about BPA. I drink from glass at home, and bought a stainless steel bottle for camping, hiking & working outside. I have always considered bottled water a scam anyway, tap water is fine, so plastic water bottles have never been a big part of my life.

But if it’s really harmful, I’m probably fuqt from all the Tupperware in my past. And it’s a liner for food cans. And I try not to think about it.

Bisphenol A (BPA) – Wikipedia

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lol I’m getting a thermos.

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@jaytkay Lol @ “fuqt”.
@Aster I still do drink from water bottles occasionally, but I heard we shouldn’t leave them in hot areas, so I refrain from doing that.

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I never knew about the dangers of plastic and used to love the bottled waters to carry around. Some to drink, some to keep to quick wash with in the car. Even the water purifier thingie in our frig was made of plastic, the Brita pitcher. How I mostly drink water from the reverse osmosis machine at work, from styrofoam cups.

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Not only polycarbonates….pthalates are where the real poisoning is happening. Plastic that doesn’t crack or shatter in a frozen state is loaded with pthaltes and phenols. Microwave anything in plastic and you are marinating your food with these chemicals! Be afraid very afraid!

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doctors were chuckling about it?

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I carry a stainless steel bottle. I fill it at home out of the cooler. I do think it is not good to drink out of the plastic bottles. But then I wonder why don’t they say this about soft drinks, they all come in plastic bottles as well but I hear no cautions about drink them? Anybody know???

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For five years, I have drank water out of a plastic bottle. To date, I have no ill effects from it, nor do I expect to have any ill effects.

Like my doctor has said. ” I have never treated anyone with an infected rear end, just because they sat on a public toilet seat to take a cr__p.

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I have been drinking out of and gasp reusing plastic bottles for years. I think people are always jumping on and off medical bandwagons and freaking out when someone does something contrary to said medical fad. I’m not saying that there isn’t any danger in drinking out of plastic bottles, but, damn, if things were as bad as you seem to think they are, @Aster, then the whole freaking American population would have dropped dead years ago.

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No, it is not making us sick. To much inactivity as a mass phenomenon is making us sick.

Extensive worry about chemicals in bottled water is far more dangerous, than the chemicals themselves.

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@john65pennington I understand exactly what your doctor said. But without being graphic, for women especially there are different “ways” to sit on a toilet seat and while I agree one of them is harmless the other one could make women “sick.” Not dead; just have to take pills.

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@KatawaGrey I don’t think people should be dropping dead from chemicals seeping into water bottles. But there are thousands of illnesses people can contract gradually from some “unknown source” that doctors will say are a real puzzle. “How did you get this Patient A? We don’t know. It’s just one of those things.”
I like looking for the answers to so-called mysterious illnesses.

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@Aster That link has echoed all the testing reports that cross my desk in my industry. GA!

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NICE picture, Cruiser. (;

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@Aster TY and happy holidays there to you and yours! ;)

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@Aster – your link confirms everything I have read to date as well. Besides that given that plastic is polluting the world, carrying a reusable bottle just makes sense.

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