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What kind of car should I buy?

Asked by mowens (8392points) April 19th, 2011

What are some really cool sportscars for about 15k or so, Less is always good too. :)

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Mazda MX-5 :-/

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Mazda Miata lots of them for spare parts.

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I’d suggest a tC. You’ll have to buy used for 15K but you can get a really nice used model for that price. The new models start somewhere between $18K & $19K. The older ones hit at about 160hp while the new model hits about 180hp. Just go drive one. Trust me, you’ll want to take it home if you do. I had an ‘06 a few years ago and it was an amazing car.

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How about a Buick Wildcat? Late 60’s model…then stop by and we will see what it’s made of! XD about a 1965 Corvair Corsa?Turbo-charged,2,400 lbs,180 HP,quick-throw standard trans.They are fast little things….
Maybe a ‘67 Rally Sport Camaro? 327,2 speed power glide automatic…
make sure they get a pretty paint job,too! :)

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Maybe a used Porsche 911

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Go for a Toyota 4Runner…my favorite…oh, guess that’s not a sports car…lol!

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Mike you didn’t ask your good friend Westy?

Are you looking for a balls to the wall sports car, or something like a sportier sedan? There’s a big difference.

My old SRT-4 (same thing Adam drives now, but mine had work done to it) was out-running corvettes at the track, cost 10k. But its very impractical as a daily driver. Awful gas mileage, bumpy, not a ton of space, loud, lots of maintenance work required. You could get similar cars in that price range (350z, miata, RX8, Mustang, camaro, charger SRT…. all used mind you) but they’ll all have similar issues.

If you’re looking for like a sportier sedan, get a used BMW or Audi, maybe an Acura… I think the Mazda-6’s are nice (older ones more so than newer ones).

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You can get a Pontiac Solstice somewhere in the $15K and up, if you want a retro sports car look. Same for the Saturn Sky, which is less retro and more Opel looking.

That’s if you’re going for the normal definition of “sports car” which is a minimalist, two seater, convertible vehicle.

Sports coupe opens up the arena a bit. You can probably find a bucket full of Mustangs 15K or less. The Mazda RX-8 and Mini Coopers are also options. If you’re really lucky you can find a Chrysler Crossfire around the $15K mark. That depends on your definition of the word “lucky” though.

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2006 Toyta Solara will not let you down.

All leather inside and all Lexus underneath it.

Find a convertible, if that is your cup of tea.

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1988 Chevy Malibu, El camino!!! Batmobile

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A 1990 Honda Civic. Ricart should have one. It’ll be a real sport to find it, at least.

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