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How do I resist temptation?

Asked by Deepness (1145points) July 6th, 2009

I have to take my old beat up BMW 325i in for lord-knows-what. How do I resist the temptation to trade up?

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give all your money away to people that need it.

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Try prayer, some folks claim that it actually works. Of course, your results may vary.

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I don’t really understand the problem. You either trade it or you dont. If it is junk get a new car.

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Are you saying you can’t afford it? If that is the case you have your answer.

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Why do you need to resist temptation? Focus on that.

If you can’t afford the payments on a new car, then focusing on how much it will cost will help you resist it.

If there’s something else you need to spend the money on, focus on that instead.

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Focus on what it will be like to have car payments again (assuming your existing car is paid for).

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I was going to say what @cwilbur did. Why resist? Maybe you need to trade up. If you don’t need to or shouldn’t, then you should probably remind yourself of all the bad stuff that would happen if you did.

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Ok all done. Got my car fixed. Temptation was there when I strolled through the showroom. Oh lord! Such sinful temptations! I rebuked them though. Yes, I am strong… for now.

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I would probably go ahead and trade up. The economy could use it. The dealerships need to stay open. But if you do, ask about the European delivery. It’s a blast. I’m not helping,... am I?

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@Deepness: “Rebuke” means to express strong disapproval of someone; or to scold him.

Perhaps you mean you “resisted” the temptations?

(I am not rebuking you for misusage but admonishing. reproaching or correcting, which are less derogatory.)

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@gailcalled; If the temptations were demons haunting him to buy then he could have rebuked them, right?

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Yes, but then he, as writer, would have to tell us that (or, at least, hint at it.” Language is malleable but not completely flexible, says I, hopefully.

If he had bought a new BMW, he could have whined, “The devil made me do it,” I guess.

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@Judi European delivery would be a dream. I would love to do that. I have been researching it for the past year. It seems like an amazing experience. Lots of benefits to it. A few grand is saved bypassing dealership commissions. Lufthansa airlines gives you a 2 for 1 deal on plane tix when providing them with the VIN. The few grand saved can go towards a 2 week road trip through Europe. Just so amazing! Have you done it?

@gailcalled I love people with impeccable grammar! You’re awesome! Sorry for my error. I never said I was a writer. Is everyone who fluthers expected to be a writer? Are you a writer? Should I stop fluthering? Would fluthering be spelled with a capital F?

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@Deepness ; we did a European delivery and we had an absolute blast!

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@Deepness: It’s not grammar; it’s vocabulary.
No. Yes. No. I don’t now.

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@judi I envy you. Maybe I’ll ask the parents for EU delivery as a wedding gift for my honeymoon should I ever take the leap of faith by getting hitched. Now I know who I can direct all my EU delivery questions towards. Prepare to have your inbox flooded. Just kidding.

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Well, I agree with the rest of you sometime its necessary to get a new car. Though I would never trade my car at the dealership, as you will lose most of its value like that. I will try to sell it to private buyer as much as possible as that will gain more money for it. Ah though make sure to be honest about the car condition to the buyer to avoid future headache. Why would a private owner buy a car with a problem, hmm they might be capable of fixing it for cheap :). A good piece of advice on how to sell your car fast & get it in front of plenty of car buyers is available at Sell your car fast by combining mecarz with Craigslist

I hope that help you gain a good buck of your car :).

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More generally, the best way to avoid temptation is to not get involved in the first place (in this case, by not buying a BMW). After that, it’s distancing yourself from the problem; physical distance, emotional distance, whatever you can manage (in the case of the car, have somebody else go pick up the car).

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