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Would you contribute to a rhyming A to Z children's book just for fun?

Asked by seazen_ (4801points) April 20th, 2011

The only conditions, besides the rhyme-scheme, are: start with a noun, then write something truthful and perhaps curiously silly, or funny and witty – that a child would instantly get.

You do not have to wait for the jelly below you to finish and there can be multiple letter submissions – it doesn’t matter.

I’ll begin:

A is for Armadillo
A curious animal indeed;
It rolls safely into a ball
Whenever it feels the need.

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‘B’ is for Beaver
Whose tail is flat and wide.
They build a home of sticks
Underwater where they hide.

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C is for cat
whose voice can purr
or meow and who
licks its own fur.

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D is for dog
They say he’s man’s best friend
He barks happily when he sees you
Or wiggles his rear end!

I didn’t mean to do another animal, but this just sprang to mind.

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E is for egg.
Not quite oval, not quite round
White on the outside, yellow in.
Buy them by the dozen, not by the pound.

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F is for fireflies
flashing in flight,
fluorescing their fannies
in the warm summer night.

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P is for piano
with many different keys
Some are black, while some are white
lettered A-B-C-D-E-F-G

X is for Xylophone
An instrument that’s very renowned
you play it with two mallets
and out comes a wonderful sound

from a musical standpoint…

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C is for cucumber
So long and so green
Delicious in salad
In summer it’s seen

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S is for sandwich
They come in many sizes and kinds
Eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner
Just don’t eat mine!

beckk's avatar

L is for Lion
The king of all cats
They have a mighty roar
To scare away all the rats.

erichw1504's avatar

D is for doughnut
A delicious snack
Eat your vegetables first
Then buy a twelve pack

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

‘G’ is for Gum
A candy people like to chew.
It also means a sticky substance,
That we all know as glue.

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Z is for you, Zebra-!
You come in Black and White-
Always so Fun to Zee Yah-!
But not when you’re out of sight-

erichw1504's avatar

S is for soda
My favorite is Mountain Dew
So tasty and delicious
What is your favorite, I ask you?

tedibear's avatar

T is for tomato
Round and red and bright
Tasty treat for eating
any time – day or night

C is for car
It helps us get around
We drive it down the street
And all around the town

*Q” is for quill
It’s on the porcupine
You don’t want him to stick you
So please don’t touch his spine!

L is for love
A feeling we all know
It keeps us close together
No matter where we go

erichw1504's avatar

T is for tornado
Scary and dangerous they can be
Avoid them at all costs
For they can take out a home or even a tree

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Q is for Quick,
Lightening-fast, like a fly;
Try to catch him, he’s gone
in the wink of an eye.

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E is for _elephan_t:
He’s fat, tall and wide
He nurtures his babies
And is great fun to ride.

Coloma's avatar

“G” is for goose
silly they are
smart and loving
little featherd stars

erichw1504's avatar

J is for jellyfish
They are but little creatures
Moving about to and fro
Dr. J has all the features

diavolobella's avatar

B is for Bunny
So fluffy and cute
With velvety ears
And a wiggly snoot

erichw1504's avatar

V is for Vibe
The superhero in my avatar
Even with seismic powers
He won’t get far

thorninmud's avatar

P is for Pepper
That prickles your mouth;
Though it’s shunned in the North,
It’s adored further south.

tedibear's avatar

P is for pancake
That we love to eat
They stay fresh in the frizzer
And are easy to heat.

erichw1504's avatar

F is for Fluther
A wonderful site
You can ask and answer
Such a pleasant delight.

thorninmud's avatar

M is for Milo
(He’s a black and white Tom)
He writes cogent reflections
With the help of his mom.

downtide's avatar

L is for Lion
On the African plain
With sharp teeth and claws,
and a majestic mane

erichw1504's avatar

A is for apple
Fruit that grows on a tree
Delicious, red, and round
Won’t you pick one for me?

thorninmud's avatar

U is for Universe;
It defies understanding.
It’s as big as can be
but somehow keeps expanding.

thorninmud's avatar

X is for x-ray,
Way beyond infrared;
It traverses the cosmos
And can see through your head.

erichw1504's avatar

B is for banana
Monkeys eat them and so do you
They grow in bunches
So have more than two!

flutherother's avatar

A for the angels
that stand by your bed
One at your feet
and one at your head.

viscaria1800's avatar

H is for Hopscotch
A game to play outside
but if you don’t watch out
you and your friend collide

viscaria1800's avatar

I is for Igloo
A shelter that keeps you warm
You can go inside them
When there is a snowstorm

viscaria1800's avatar

N is for Noodles
A slimy looking food
Don’t put them up your nose
Then surely you’ll be screwed

erichw1504's avatar

J is for juggling
Balls, apples, and even a knife
You can use anything
Just watch out for your wife!

flutherother's avatar

G is for ghosts
that drift through the night
If you ever see one
you will get such a fright

Coloma's avatar

“P” is for popcicles
juicy and cold
they still taste good when you’re really old

viscaria1800's avatar

R is for Racing
You run as fast as you can go
If you are the fastest
People call you Macho

erichw1504's avatar

E is for Easter
A splendid holiday
Those eggs in your basket?
A duck did not lay

viscaria1800's avatar

W is for window
You can see in or out
But don’t try to escape through them
Your parents will find out

viscaria1800's avatar

Y is for yodeling
A funny talent I like to do
But how do you really yodel?
I have got no clue

Coloma's avatar

“Z” is for zipper
on your pants or your slippers
that warm up your flippers
when the weather is nippers

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The WowowoW Poem
by Mazingerz88

A is for APPLE
You pick pick pick pick pick it-
B is for BASKET
You put put put them in it-!
Who eat eat eat eat eat it-
D is for DADDIES
Who like like like like like it-!

E is for EGGS
That chickens lay lay lay-
F is for FARM
Where they live live live live-!
G is for GEESE
Who swim swim swim swim swim-
H is for HONK
They honk honk honk honk honk-!

I is for INDIAN
Who hunt hunt hunt hunt hunt-
They hop hop hop hop hop-!
K is for KAYAKS
We ride ride ride ride ride-
L is for LAUGHTER.               
We ha ha ha ha ha-!     ( ha ha ha for Boys,  hi hi hi for Girls, uttered at the same time )

M is for MOON
It’s up up up up up-
N is for NIGHT
It’s dark dark dark dark dark-!
O is for OWLS
They hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot-
P is for PRAYER
You say say say say say-!
Q is for QUITE
We sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep-

You hear hear hear hear hear-
S is for SHEEP
We count count count count count-!
T is for TOYS
We dream dream dream dream dream-
U is for US
We play play play play play

V is for VOICE
Who wakes wakes wakes wakes wakes-
W is for WHY
We ask ask ask ask ask-!
X is for XTRA
Sleep we wish wish wish-
Y is for YES
You may may may may may-!
Z is for ZZZ
We zzz zzz zzz zzz zzzh and zzz zzz zzz and zzzzzhhh zzzhhhzzzzzzzz…and zzh!

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“Extra” beings with an “e” (~)

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B is for Beer
That’s what your Daddy drinks
It helps him keep an even keel
Even when he thinks life stinks

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This is specifically in General.

Please read the details before contributing: begin with a noun, rhyme-scheme is important and it’s for kids.

There are lots of poetry and the like threads available in social – or start your own.

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‘W’ is for Walrus
Long of tusk, they are
I think that I would hug one
But they live so very far

‘C’ is for Cookie
Share some with your cousin
Chocolate chip’s my favorite
Best by the dozen

‘R’ is for Robot
Harbingers of doom
Sure there are nice ones
They’ll help you clean your room

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‘K’ is for Kite
A toy that sails in the sky.
Hold onto its string,
Or off it will fly.

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“L” is for Lemons
Quite yellow and round
They grow from a tree
Sprouting out of the ground

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“M” is for Mouse
a creature so wee
it might hide in your house
and eat up your cheese

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“W” is a wombat.
A curious fellow.
His legs are too short
And he eats mainly jello.

“L” is for lemur
Another odd creature,
short-snouted and long-tailed…
Not one pretty feature.

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B is for boat where
On lakes you can float
Watch clouds in the sky
And birds that go by

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C is for chicken
Funny looking birds, their beaks a clicken’
At seeds on the ground they’re pickin’
To eventually end up in your kitchen

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“D” is for drake
a male duck
that quacks unlike a chickens cluck

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

‘F’ is for Flag,
That gets hoisted up high.
It is a banner with meaning,
Which floats in the sky.

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