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Will it do my body harm if I take Melatonin everyday before going to bed ?

Asked by EtherRoom (381points) April 20th, 2011

Can it harm my body if I take Melatonin everyday before going to bed ? Are there side effects ? I have really bad insomnia since elementary school, and nothing seems to help. I’ve tried sleeping pills, meditation, sex before sleep, masturbation before bed, warm bath before bed, and nothing seems to work. I was also on ambien, but it stopped working after a few days because I still couldn’t sleep. I tried Melatonin once before and it worked really well and fast, the only side effect was having intense dreams. Does anyone know if I take it every night, if there are any risks ? Besides intense dreaming ?

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What a Mayo Clinic internist has to say about it. I have not taken it as I, fortunately, do not have a problem sleeping.

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In small doses, no it shouldn’t hurt you. You may become “immune” to the smaller doses eventually though.

Melatonin is a good sleep aid, but you have to be “trying” to sleep, it won’t knock you out like ambein or something. I took it for a long time, but would have to read or watch a show I liked in bed til it fully kicked in (20–30 minutes).

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I’ve always taken sleeping pills before, and they don’t work. I can feel physically tired (yawning, sleepiness), but will not fall asleep. It could be my mind? Or a sleeping pill works for the first 2 days, but then each night I need a higher does.

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@EtherRoom Do you mean your mind just won’t stop thinking? Have you ever tried meditating prior to bed?

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@EtherRoom – Yes. It doesn’t matter how many sleeping pills I take, even if I take 3, or smoke weed, or masturbate. If I start thinking, I won’t sleep. I’ll yawn and my eyes will be red, but physically I won’t sleep. That’s why I think my mind is the issue. I haven’t tried meditating enough. I’ve done it a few times, but I’ll quit cause I’ll get frustrated and think it won’t work.

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It might. The issue seems controversial. In some European countries it’s illegal to get it without a prescription.

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Meditation may or may not help you, but here, here, and here are different techniques you can try. Try not to give up so fast on it. Stressing is counterproductive to meditation.

If you are thinking of things you need to do, maybe writing a list would help to get it out of your head and onto paper.

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It sounds pretty positive.
You may want to read more at this site.

Side Effects:

“The most common Melatonin side-effect is headache and/or an altered sleep pattern. Mental or mood changes may also occur as well as itching, fast heartbeat or heavy headedness. Melatonin may cause lowering of the body temperature. Vivid dream is also associated with melatonin use. Melatonin side-effects are usually temporary and can be relieved by reducing the melatonin dosage.”

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Hasn’t seemed to cause me any problems. In fact, the only side effect I have seen is mild assistance in falling asleep.

Sorry I don’t have a link at hand, but I read a book a few years ago called The Melatonin Miracle by a researcher who was doing unrelated work who noticed that the lab rats who were taking melatonin were living significantly longer than the control groups. That researcher then went on to do some additional experiments focusing on Melatonin and longevity and came to the conclusion that taking Melatonin was highly recommended for extending both quality and quantity of life.

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@EtherRoom Most DAN! (defeat Autism Now) doctors recommend Melatonin for their young patients, as do most Naturopaths/Homeopaths.

My own GP said it certainly won’t hurt to try it.

I’m a mom of an autistic. My son has a mind that never stops/slows down. I’ve had him on 3mg per night for about 4mos now. He’s doing quite well on it. He hasn’t complained of headaches, nor is he sleepier or groggier in the AM he’s always had trouble waking up…that’s part of his neurological difference, though

I’m a life long insomniac. I’ve now been taking it (3mg sublingual) for a couple of months, and have slept through the night most nights. On the nights that I’ve had issues, most likely my chronic migraines or hormones played a part. On those nights, I get up and take a 1.5mg liquid dose, and often fall back to sleep a bit faster/better than I used to.

I have not had intense dreams on it…my son actually used to have extreme nightmares. Since taking the melatonin, he has had zero. He also remembers his dreams less—-this used to be a real cause of anxiety for him— IMO, the deeper, longer sleep has allowed his body to rest better. He’s become more calm.

If you are planning on taking this, get good Melatonin. I tried taking this years ago, and it did nothing for me. I just went and bought a bottle at my local drug store w/out doing any research. I now know, it’s better to allow the pill to melt in your mouth, or to chew it prior to swallowing it. Best of all is the liquid but it’s more expensive. Ideally, you would buy as pure of Melatonin as you can afford (not manufactured in a plant with nuts/dairy/wheat/gluten-etc)

Here is a good example of the liquid and the sublingual tablets Go for a “vegan” source, as they tend to be the purest sources.

Many small children with ADD/ADHD, Autism, and other neurologicaldifferences take this supplement nightly. Our own doctor said our son (age 5) could safely have up to 9mgs per night. possibly more…however, for now, 3mgs are working well

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