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How to fix no audio/sound in Windows 7?

Asked by IamOriginal (7points) April 20th, 2011

I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit from Windows XP and I have no sound/audio.

I tried everything: installing realtek drivers, browsing youtube, i googled it, tried the audio troubleshooter, but nothing happens.

In the Manage Audio Devices window, in playback tab, there seemed to be no speaker listed in there if you click on Show Disabled devices but I’m pretty sure I have speakers connected. It was working fine when i was on xp but now it stopped working.

My computer says that the device is working properly and is up to date but still no sound.
Help please?

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Try updating the driver, and going into the realtek hd audio manager and changing the output, same with right clicking on the speaker icon on the taskbar.

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You will need to reload the PC manufacturers drivers as they are no compatible with Windows 7 generic ones. Go to the PC manufacturers site and find and load the right drivers

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use motherboard driver cd , if its not compatible , then search for windows7 drivers for realtek dont forget to specify its model

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