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Is there a way to block certain people on my facebook news feed?

Asked by roundsquare (5512points) April 22nd, 2011

I have a friend who posts so much it drowns out everything else. Is there a way to block this person’s updates from showing up on my feed?

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Yes, there should be an “x” in the top right corner of their posts (you may have to run your mouse over it). Click on the “x” and it will bring up several options: hide this post, hide all by person, etc. Choose the one you want…

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Danke schoen.

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Adding onto yankeetooter’s post: Click on “Most Recent” in your news feed and then click “Edit options” to see who you’ve blocked from your news feed etc.

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It strikes me that this is a horrible interface.

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Why do you say that. @roundsquare ?

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The x, which usually signifies closing something, also holds the menu option for blocking a person’s updates… but I don’t have the option to do that when I go to the person’s profile… “Closing” an update is very different from “blocking” the person.

If I want to block a person, my instinct is to go to the person’s profile and then pick the option. At the least, it should be in both places.

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You can always unfriend the person, in which case their posts won’t show up on your wall, but that may be a bit drastic for what you want. I still say go with the option I outlined in my first post…

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@yankeetooter Oh, I did what you suggested. It worked great. I’m just wining about bad interface design because thats what us geeks do.

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Glad it worked, @roundsquare. And whine all you want to, lol!

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@yankeetooter Eh, I’m done. More important things to do… this anime won’t watch itself.

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You can hide posts from a friend on your facebook news feed without can do this by two method .This page will show you how to hide posts on news feed with step by step images,

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