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A funny thing happened on the way to........where exactly?

Asked by ucme (46546points) April 22nd, 2011

Something light hearted you saw or heard on your way to work, home, a night out etc. Basically, anything amusing that you encountered recently as you went about your daily business. Something random & unexpected, maybe you witnessed a cat drag a dog up a tree….I dunno!

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My female goose is obsessed with the neighbors sheep. One in particular, I have just returned from collecting her from wandering out of the yard and following said sheep about a half a block up my little private road along our shared fenceline. lol

What would a goose and sheep produce. A Shoose or a Gheep?

All she wants to do is cuddle up with her love that lives on the wrong side of the fence. lol

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Sweden. We drove today to Sweden and suddenly, all these little rodents started appearing. They were on the side of the road, or squished on the road. The Lemmings were out in force. When you see the phenomenon it is both awesome and FUNNY!!!!

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I’ve been watching them tear down a building across the street. It’s maybe ten stories high and is a rectangle that is much longer on the long side that it is short on the short side.

So the wrecking crane shows up and start trashing the end closest to my. It destroy maybe one quarter of the length of the building. The it disappears from my view. Eventually it becomes clear it is now working on the middle part of the building. Today it finished knocking down the middle part to the end it started on.

Why? Why did they knock it down in that order? Inquiring minds want to know!

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I felt like I was given a shake down by a pair of ducks. I went to get in my car this morning and right there waiting for me were 2 Mallards. Mr. Mallard gave me this look like…“Hey you! Yes guy who lives in the nice house, how about some bread for me and the dame?”

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Well ya know, breeding season is in full swing for waterfowl. Feb. til June.
There is no accounting for wild hormones. lol

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Today while working in a clinical laboratory I overheard a phlebotomist explaining to a patient what serum is. She said ” know that juicy clear liquid in the blood”. The way that she said it was so funniest part.

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Showering my 6 year old this morning and he says to me.. ‘Mommy, would you still love me even if you had me and I was an alien that was sticky?’

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