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How to add more cute greeting lines?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) April 23rd, 2011

Dear Fluther,
I love the cute little messages saying you tip your hat to me. But, you tip your hat to me an awful lot, and it would be cool if there was a way to suggest new lines. If there is a way, how would i go about doing so? If not, make it happen! But don’t feel pressured, I love you guys :)

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Does your Father know you are here?

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Funny thing is, i’m a 17 year old boy.

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@hungerforpizza I think that it was a greeting line idea, I could be wrong.

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Ok I just tried this little experiment.

I hit refresh many many many times, and collected all the little greetings:

Ah, you’re just the one we were waiting for.
Does your mother know you’re here?
Don’t tell anyone—you’re our favorite.
Have you gotten smarter? We thought so!
Have you been working out? Thought so.
Have you changed shampoos?
It’s almost like you never left.
It’s been so lonely without you.
It’s you we’ve all been waiting for.
Let’s run away together.
Let’s be friends.
My, don’t you look dapper!
Nice smile.
Oh, it was so boring without you.
Oh, what a wonderful day!
Sit back and relax. We will do the dishes today.
Tag, you’re it.
Take your shoes off, stay a while.
That’s not true, you look nothing like the Chupacabra.
That color looks great on you.
Thanks. You’re not half–bad yourself.
The Nobel Committee called; we told them you’re busy.
We <3 you.
We. Drink. Your. MILKSHAKE!
Who wants s’mores?
We were wondering when you would stop by.
We love your style.
We baked you a cake!
We dreamt about you last night.
We want to be just like you when we grow up!
We kept a seat warm for you.
Well, we don’t think you’re having a bad hair day.
We think we’re falling in love with you.
We have a crush on you.
Wow. You smell really good.
We’ve been expecting you.
You’re glowing! Absolutely glowing!
You have something in your teeth…left side. Other left. Got it!
You’re just in time!
You deserve a vacation.
You had us at @.
You had us at hello.
You have arrived.
You look smashing.
You’re really hitting your stride.
You’re welcome to crash on our couch.
You’re the cream in our coffee.
You never cease to amaze us.
Your hair looks really, really good today.
You make us weak in the knees.
You look good today, but your desk is a mess.
Your breath smells wintery fresh!
You’re back! Our wish came true.

I got all of these, let me repeat, all of these. Most of them multiple times before I got: “We tip our hat to you.”

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Haha your totally right, now i sort of feel like an idiot. Well were not all perfect, right? At least it was here and not in school. I just picked the hat one at random after noticing they repeat often. Thank you for the idea, queenie and thank you for your experiment everephebe.

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I’m not saying we shouldn’t think of more, it’s a great question & I just gave you a gq by the way. Just sayin’, fluther has a pretty darn decent variety of greetings already.

Don’t feel like an idiot @hungerforpizza.

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If they told you the secret sayings they were working on they’d have to kill you OK not really but they might have to break a leg :-P

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I agree that there are plenty, but for people who visit the site often they have most likely seen all of the greetings multiple times. Of course there is no need for this, it’d just be a fun thing for the Fluther community.

@everephebe Thanks :D

@Hypocrisy_Central Make it my left leg, my right is my better one.

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You make me hard.

Thanks for the sea-rection.

You make me feel like a sea cucumber.

I could chat with you all night long.

You had me at frizzer.

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About half of our greetings were created by our members, after the call went out for suggestions. I imagine we might do that again one day. :)

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