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What do you put up with around your house that could easily be fixed?

Asked by Stinley (11493points) April 25th, 2011

I’m selling my house and have been looking at it with new eyes. Mr Stinley has been hard at work with his toolkit and I have been polishing and dusting (gender sterotyping doesn’t bother us). But there are all these annoying things that have been bugging us for 4 years which have all been fixed in a flash. I cleaned a drip off a door that had been there for a year. He mixed a little bowl of cement and patched a bit of the wall outside, Ok so he then had to paint it but it only took 10 minutes. I was outside tonight putting my deckchair away in the shed and while locking the door I realised that it would only take a little adjustment to the hinge to stop me from having to haul the handle upward to move the door in the the right position to line up the lock and hole. Is it just me or do others have a list a mile long and better things to do with our time? Like sit in the deckchair.

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A busted screen on a window.
Lose tiles on the floor.
the slider on the shed door.
Those are a few I know right off the bat, but I know there are others I occasionally run into and say “I will make time to fix that”, but that time never comes…..until I cross it again and it starts all over once more.

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There’s this tremendous draught coming from the wife’s gob when she starts her nagging. I really should tape that up sometime. On second thoughts, I quite like the idea of staying alive. Ho hum, never mind ;¬}

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If I’m not the world’s worst housekeeper, then I have the worst one buried somewhere in all of my junk.

I started to list the things, but I’m too lazy to do even that. Let’s just say that I have a new kitchen faucet (from 5 years ago, that’s “new” to me), and a newish shower head (only 7 years old), and last year I replaced the float valve in the upstairs toilet.

Other than that, the house is older than I am, and not aging quite as gracefully as if anyone thinks that I’m aging gracefully.

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Really GQ!

Painting, mostly.

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I have a few windows that could be replaced.

I have to unload my old TV, and get a stand low enough to support my new one, so that it doesn’t block my window-mounted AC unit.

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Th toilet in the Hall frequently refuses to flush properly. It’s not in the tank works, it’s in the pipe somewhere. We have had several plumbers, including one who tore up the entire front lawn, but it still doesn’t work.

The lights in the kitchen and family room are both out. My husband too them apart a couple of months ago, and found out it was the ballast. My son replaced the ballast last week, and that didn’t help. We have called two electricians, but they were both too busy to come out and give us an estimate, so I’m still waiting.

Our pool heater went out on us last year, and we went through an entire swimming season without it. I have saved up the money to replace it, but we have called several pool repair, and they are all too busy to come out and give us an estimate.

My carpets are all soiled, but there is so much furniture on them, I can’t get a carpet company to clean them. With a dog and two unhousebroken toddlers, it probably isn’t worth it anyway.

I still have my indoor christmas lights strung around the family room, but the tape is beginning to loosen, and several are hanging loose. I guess I will have to either break down and remove them, or tape them back up. My grandson still loves to plug them in and see them blink.

I have several pictures sitting on shelves because I never have gotten around to hanging them on the walls. I just sit them on the shelf, leaning against the wall. Oh, and the beautiful Chinese Calendar my husband picked up from his vendors at work is still on February, I haven’t taken it down to cut off the picture for the next two months. I stapled the first picture on a wall in the hall, where the rest are eventually going to go.

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Basically, everything, which is part of the problem. It only takes 10 minutes to fix each problem, but 100 problems means 1000 minutes, etc.

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The ceiling light in the hallway needs…a new lightbulb. I have some. But I haven’t put one in yet. And I get all pissed off when it’s all dark and I can’t use it. I’m retarded.

I should probably talk to the landlord about the toilet. Quite often when I flush, it stalls and keeps making noise until you jiggle the handle around. I’m sure that’s something simple, yet it’s been doing that for a year haha.

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How long can a post be? We have been renovating for 10 years… the list is pages and pages long of things that still need to be done and many of the things are little things like put architrave around the sliding door window. Paint the wall around the louvre window… change that light fitting… but we love our work-in-progress.

Every now and then though I throw a temper tantrum and we get a few of the big jobs done. Usually around Christmas, when I say “I really, really want that bathroom finished by…”. Shrugs…nearly all done. I hope we don’t want to move once it’s finished….

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