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Who tried to bamboozle you last, friends, family others?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 25th, 2011

When was the last time a friend, spouse, coworker, family member, boss, siblings, kids, etc tried to con, bamboozle or pull the wool over your eyes? Such as (a family member we shall leave nameless) is crying to borrow some cash and is laying it on thick how important it is that he has it for a romantic getaway with his sweetie pie. She is adamant about it and if he doesn’t come trough she will leave him that he has to keep her happy. It turned out she paid half and it was he that was Jonesing to get away because he was very horny.

Said relative makes a big production about this job they could get but they need bus fare, come clothes etc and they have to have it right now but once they have this “job money” the job doesn’t seem as important as a trip to the liquor store or off to play the ponies.

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A student who wanted an A- instead of a B+ tried to insist that I had misspoken in class and that she had written down my words verbatim. “Why did no one else make that mistake, then?” I asked. No response. Nice try, though.

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My dad does that all the time. And I always believe him.
Later I realise what he’s done, but, too late. I guess I’m a very believing person. I’m not able to think why someone will want to lie to me so I always take their word for it. And I always realise what a big fool I’ve been afterwards. : /

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A cousin of mine from Scotland, Jock Strap is his name. Maybe you’ve heard of him, no? Ah well, never mind. Anyway yeah, he told me once that he had a shite up a height. Nonsense, I told him…...I knew for a fact he lived in a bungalow. You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to fool me boy…...well maybe 7am on the weekends.

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My coworkers, of course. Work is one constant Bamboozleloopa.

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We frequently get notices for free dinner meetings where someone will try to trick us into investing in an annuity or something. We hardly ever go.

The latest one was a free night at a time share, but you have to pay in advance and the supposedly get reimbursed after the sales meeting. I did a review search, and it turns out they rarely reimburse people. I was interested in going, until I did the research. The address was supposedly in Lake Tahoe, but it turned up to be way up on the side of a mountain instead of on the lake.

A few years back, I went to a time share with a free room, which really was free, but when we were just about ready to buy a share, it turned out they were only selling points, and not actually ownership, with the least number of points available, for the back side rooms, not facing the lake, and you still have to pay the (then) $40 a month fee for upkeep.

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I have a friend who tried to dump a really controlling pity party in my lap and I had to pull the plug on that one.

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My MIL unfortunately after my husband died, pulled the wool over my grieving eyes, I was in such a state of shock if I was told it would be better to drown myself in the river I’m sure I’d have done it. The sad part is, I had absolutely no guidance, the whole thing makes me sick now that I basically gave my rights away to everything…Im in a catatonic state of bamboozledbarfapaloozaloopa! =X

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I bought a house for my daughter and grandchildren to live in, rent free for at least the next 10 years. She trashed the house within the first year and stole six figures from us to boot. Isn’t love grand.

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@MissA That wasn’t any bamboozlement or trickery that was a whole sale rip off.

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Call it what you will…I’ll call it a broken heart of the worst kind…and thievery of the most gut wrenching type. I always thought we were extremely close. Guess it was only in ‘my’ mind.

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