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Is there a way I can dye my hair a brighter red without bleaching it before coloring it?

Asked by emeraldisles (1949points) April 25th, 2011

I’ve been dying my hair for a while. i had honey blonde highlights in dark brown/black hair 2–3 years ago in which the highlighted sections were bleached before so the color would showup. i’ve also had my hair dyed burgundy, more of an auburn red, and now have been dying it a cherry red color with this dye i bought at a beauty supply store(sally beauty supply) i’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, but would like to try a brighter red(not neon red)so can it be done?

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What color is your hair, naturally?

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I’ve been able to dye my dark brown hair a pretty bright red (see a picture here) without bleaching it. But my hair at that point was natural – I had let all the dyed bits grow out so there was no residual colour there. I used Garnier 100% Color in Intense Auburn. That’s the brightest I’ve been able to get it without bleaching. And I did try the same colour over top of other dye, and only the roots turned red.

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red is the most difficult of all colours. If you care about your hair and want it to look good and not really funky, which is fine too, go to a colourist

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My daughter is a hairdresser, is using salon products and is having a hard time keeping her dark auburn bright. It fades fast and her ends are dead. She’s going to use up the dye she has (thrifty) and go back to browns. This is having bleached her hair first, though.

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I bought a kit at a drug store called Color Rays for my daughter. She has very dark, almost black hair. The kit only comes in red, but it is bright fire engine red. It looks really good on her.

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my hair is naturally a dark brown/ black but is not even close to being that color anymore. I hated my natural color which is why I’ve been dying it.Don’t get me wrong, I like the cherry color I have now but just want to see how bright the red can look . I just don’t want it to be Rihanna red. I’m thinking of maybe doing a ruby red mixed with the cherry red. I like having two colors mixed. I just want the red to really how up in pictures. Before my hair would look like a light red in pictures, but when the pictures were taken outside in direct sunlight the color was very noticeable and bright.

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I don’t know how to get it brighter, but just a tip. If you wash your hair with cold water for a while after dying it the color doesn’t fade as quickly. ;)

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Okay thank you everybody.

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