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If you could choose two celebrities to make babies, who would you choose?

Asked by ilvorangeiceblocks (860points) April 25th, 2011

Personally, I think that I’d choose Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield. Anybody have any other celebrities that would work ?

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I have a better idea. How about we choose two celebrities to not make babies? I vote Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton.

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Ooh Mulligan and Garfield’s kids would be super hot.

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Angelina Jolie (pre-nose job, so you can see the real genes) and Isaiah Mustafa.

Daniel Dae Kim and Gabrielle Union (also pre-nose job)

Francois Arnaud (and me! No…) and, well, gee, any woman, really, right? I mean, look at him!

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Gary Busey and Venus Williams

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Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp.

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Ron Jeremy & Betty Rubble. That’ll put a stop to her inane giggling.

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Jennifer Aniston and Christian Bale

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@ddude1116 Thats a good one. Her beautiful brown eyes with his skin with his bone structure. Or even his eyes with her bone structure and soft skin. Can’t see how they can go wrong on any feature.

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How about me and Andrew Garfield…or Christian Bale…or Johnny Depp…or Venus Williams?

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