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What can you tell me about "The End of America," and the details in the attached video?

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) April 25th, 2011

I was recently introduced to this video, which documents “facts” about Porter Stansbury research showing the end of the US Dollar’s status as the world reserve currency and the repercussions it will have.

I would like to know what you know about the information provided (warning, the video is over an hour long, but very interesting).

I asked this question in the general section because I am not looking for “Down with America, they get what they deserve” or “I’m glad this is happening.”

I’m looking for things along the following:

1) Have you heard of Stansbury research, and can you validate his claims about correctly predicting other occurences (as mentioned in the video)
2) Have you learned about supporting claims from credible resouces that fortify the statements made in this video.
3) Were you living in other countries (Britian for example) that he mentions having experienced the financial downturns. If so, please share your experience.
4) For the Flutherites in other countries, how much press did the “secret meeting that didn’t include the US” receive?
5) People in the Midwest? What’s up with this “new” type of money popping up? Does it exist? If so, what’s been said about it locally?

Any other knowledge you have to support this video, or dispute it would be greatly appreciated.

Toward the end, he’s obviously trying to sell his company, but all the facts that lead up to that point sound like good info to be savvy to and that’s what I’m curious about.

Thanks guys!

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I haven’t had time to view it all yet. But my initial impression was that it spent way too much time buying into the fictional system we call the economy. But what do I know, I’m an anarchist rewilder. You might actually care about those things.

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I’m working on it @incendiary_dan but when you have only recently come to certain realizations after 25 years of conditioning, it is hard to let go of certain things and get out of the system that you have been ingrained into for your whole life.

I’ll get there ;), but for now . . .

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@mrrich724 As long as you’re not an outright sociopath (politicians, CEOs, etc.), you’re cool in my book. :P

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You mentioned seeds in my question about gold and silver. It’s something I’m trying to educate myself on recently. I’m experimenting with peppers, lettuce, spinach, carrots . . . any starting points and resources you’ve found useful, that would help get me on the right path would be extra appreciated.

Very curious about how to decide how much of any given item to grow, to have enough, but not have waste.

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Maybe you’d find permaculture interesting.

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Here is a pretty good review of what Porter Stansbury’s “research” is really all about. It’s like watching Glenn Beck pitch his drastically overpriced gold coins, only seeing Beck injected with steroids. Loosey gooseyness with the truthiness.

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For once I wasn’t the first one to mention permaculture. I must be doing my job.

I’d focus on foods that will keep you fed. My main garden, maybe the only ones I’ll grow this year, are the Three Sisters, an indigenous triad of plants that cooperate and produce a huge amount of food. It’s corn, beans, and squash grown in a mound. Get heirloom varieties of each of those three, plus some sunflowers (attracts pollinators when planted nearby). Poling beans are preferred, because the trellis up the corn stalks, but I hear bush beans work too. The corn provides the stalk, the beans stabilize it and add nitrogen to the soil, and the squash leaves shade the ground to preserve water and make it hard for pests to invade the area.

Potatoes are also a good bet, and can be grown in buckets.

I think there are calculators online that can help get an idea of how much you should plant based on your family. I just go with however much space I have and is reasonable for me, because I also forage extensively, and I’m learning hunting and trapping (don’t get much meat yet, but getting better).

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Semi-apocalyptic nonsense. Does that sum it up for you?

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He’s right about what happened in Britain in the 1970s; it was bad at times, but it didn’t lead to riots on the streets, hyper-inflation and the collapse of society, and we’re still the world’s fifth largest economy, so he’s massively overplaying the potential consequences. A few minor things didn’t ring true, however: the regional accents for the people quoted from the BBC programme are all wrong, and Huddersfield doesn’t have a power station.

He’s also right that the position of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency in under threat, and right about the potential consequences for US inflation should oil be priced in an alternative currency, but currency fluctuations are a two-edged sword – if imports get more expensive, your exports become cheaper for potential customers.

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This stuff comes from the mentality in America that there is nothing in the world BUT America. The US currency is a monster at the moment and Standard and Poor’s down rated the credit rating of the country. It is on it’s way to becoming a third world nation but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world will go down with it. On the contrary, America and Americans will get a major shock when the rest of the world comes to its aid. The justice system won’t collapse . Food will be distributed but oil and futures will be traded in Euros instead of the dollar and American government would have to take control over essential services to ensure people don’t freeze, starve or go mad with their guns.

If Norway decided tomorrow to join the EU and accept the Euro as it’s currency, OPEC would move to the Euro. It could happen.

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