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Advice on how to switch up my exercise routine?

Asked by stardust (10552points) April 27th, 2011

I’ve started a new exercise regime. I’ve been doing the same things for 2+ weeks now and I’m getting bored.
I start off with 20–30 minutes of cardio (alternating between walking fast, jogging & short sprints)
I then do 30+ minutes of resistance & core exercises
Usually, I follow that with a swim.
I’m working on toning up and love to swim so I’d like keep that going, but I’m wondering if I should alternate between the two as opposed to doing them all in the same day?
Does anyone have any creative ideas for mixing things up a bit?

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Change your cardio to stair steppers, bycycle or elliptical. Alternated days for groups of muscles like legs, shoulders/arms. Core can be worked everyday.

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Ride a bike or run outside for your cardio (or even walk briskly) on alternate days.

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I was reminded recently about Callanetics and one of its USPs is that you do a 1 hour toning routine in 15 minutes, it’s that intense. I was thinking about getting a DVD and trying it again. It was really popular in the 80s. Might be a bit fluffy though as your routine seems quite tough

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Do you ever try to learn new skills like belly-dancing, Zumba, or kundalini yoga? Try everything there is to try and you will never get bored!

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You would get bored if you ate the same meal everyday!
So you are certainly right that you need to change the exercise up a bit to keep it fresh.
What has worked for me is something different everyday.
Make a weekly chart and have variations to it each day. Train a little different, or different focus on different days.
Vary your Cardio in type and intensity from day to day.
Vary you target muscle areas from daya to day.
You can always repeat some core things each day.
Similarly, vary your nutrition.
Map it out so you can see it and modify it if needed. It also gives you something to look forward to.
Keep what works, change from time to time what doesn’t.
Nice job! Stick with it!

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You have a good exercise routine. My routine is similar to yours. You are right. Exercise tends to be boring and tedious to just get through it. Changing to order of the exercises may help. Also a good motivator for me is my exercise journal. In it I log all exercises, sets, reps, weights, distances and times jogging/swimming. My journals go back to January 1, 1983 and also contain notes on how I felt, body weight, high pulse, resting pulse and outside jogging conditions.

I do two dynamite exercises with one of those exercise balls. Try incorperations a few of these ball exercises

Hit it!!!

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Thanks for the tips and the added bonus of motivation :-) Much appreciated!
I mixed things up a bit today so I’ll keep it going.
@gondwanalon Thanks for the link

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