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What does it mean when a guy kisses you on the forehead ?

Asked by EtherRoom (384points) April 27th, 2011

My boyfriend has been kissing me on the forehead lately, and I’m wondering if it mean anything? Last night, before we made love, we were in bed cuddling and kissing. We were holding and hugging each other, and he kept on kissing my forehead repeatedly. I also noticed he’s kissed my forehead before when we’re together. Does it mean anything ?

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Have you asked him?

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generally, a kiss on the forehead means “i adore you”. Looks like he is pretty much into you…


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I think it’s just a sweet gesture. I get forehead kisses all the time, but that might be because my forehead and his mouth are at pretty much the same level.

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My husband adores me and kisses me on the forehead (and other non-mouth places) alot. Sometimes it is because he doesn’t like my breath…hmmm…most of the time because he’s taller than me by nearly a foot and it’s easier. I’m usually tucked under his arm.

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Assuming it’s not completely in lieu of kissing anywhere else, I would think it could only be a sweet gesture!

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I kiss my girlfriend on the forehead occasionally. From me it means “I love you very much”; in public it is a non-sexual kiss but still conveys the message.

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It means you have gross, flat, dried-up, unkissable lips, and he would rather kiss your forehead.
It means he secretly has a fetish for foreheads and spends every moment he’s not with you on foreheadsarefrigginhot .com
He likes you and he likes kissing your forehead.

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@gailcalled – No I haven’t asked him what it means when he kisses my forehead lol, we both do it to each other. I was just wondering if it meant anything specific? He did it a lot yesterday so that kind of surprised me. Whether it was just another way to show his affection or if it means anything.

@GladysMensch – I don’t have chapped or flat lips lol. Ah ! Your comment made me laugh :D

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@bkcunningham – I’m tucked under his arm too :) I’m 5’3 and he’s 6’1. Last night was really romantic. Kisses on shoulders, neck, and foreheads. I think it means you adore and really care about someone. When I kiss him on the forehead I know that’s how I feel. Like he’s precious to me. It’s more sensual and intimate sometimes when not kissing on the lips.

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I agree with @gailcalled. Ask him.

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@marinelife – I’ll ask him Friday o_O I’m sure it means nothing bad.

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What does it mean when you kiss him on the forehead?

I think it’s just an affectionate kiss that means he loves you. And, conveniently there most of the time since his body is longer than yours.

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Best to ask him personally. And this because it usually has different meanings for people.

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You don’t happen to be one of the Coneheads are you? I kiss my gf in the forehead because to me it’s tenderly romantic. I’ll bet a buck your guy does it for the same reason.
Or do you think he needs glasses? :-)

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Ahh, @EtherRoom you are in love. Isn’t it romantic to be kissed on the forehead? We are nearly the same dimensions. I love the view from down here. Don’t you?

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Like what others have said, the meaning depends on the individual. Personally, I only kiss girls on the forehead who I’m very emotionally attached to. I would use the word “adore,” I think.

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Did you accidentally smear peanut butter there? Cuz that’d do it.


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Haha well then I can’t really say…I’m only assuming a sweet gesture to you saying I adore you or saying I love you…But I’ve only kissed mine on the forehead…like 2–3 times….Hmmm…

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@incendiary_dan – No I don’t, just my sweaty regular forehead o_O lol

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My ex-girlfriend would have a lot of headaces, so I would kiss her forehead to help her feel better, then I go to the Nose to help her breath out the aches, then I kiss the lip to give her butterflies. :D

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