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What's the most exciting thing that's going to happen to you this year?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2725points) April 29th, 2011

What are you looking forward to? What have you got planned, that you have dreamed about for what seems like an age?

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I am looking forward to someone buying our house so we can move

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my cousin had her baby, my good friend is due in a week or so and my other cousin is due in november :) BABIES EVERYWHERE !! haahahah

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Taking my 4 year old grandson for his first trip to Disneyland in September.

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My first child will be born.

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I’ll be having a baby in a few weeks. He will be my second son, but my husband’s first son (even though my husband keeps saying it’s his second child as well).

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I don’t know yet!

I am looking forward to a girl’s weekend out in early June.

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I bought my own apartment this year!

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I am having weight loss surgery in May (in other words in a few weeks). I am somewhat nervous, but looking at it as a journey. I can’t imagine what life will be like afterward, but I will find out soon enough!

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Maybe will visit Zambia and see my relatives again ;) its been a long time. Also I received some bad news about my grandmother that she has problems with her eyes and if she doesn’t go for surgery soon she will go blind :( It’s devastating!
So the plan is to go and help my grannie and see her you know… before anything else bad happens.

I am also looking forward to my 17th birthday which is on May 19th, I still don’t have any plans about how I will celebrate it…

I am also excited to get a job… I wish I could have one.

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Paying off a debt to a friend will be a huge load off.

Getting my first paper(s) published will be awesome.

I have a date Sunday that I am also really looking forward to!

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Wow, everyone seems to be having big and very exciting things happening. Crongratualtions to @erichw1504 and @Seaofclouds with your new bundles of happiness arriving.
Good luck @Aesthetic_Mess with your house sale, I hope that happens for you soon, I know there is nothing more stressful. And well done @KatetheGreat for getting a new apartment.

@jca I wish you all the luck in the world for your surgery and hope that you reach the goal you desire.

@nailpolishfanatic I too am going out to SA ( I know not quite Zambia, but close enough) to live in dec. Not quite the same and I really hope your family can get your granny all the medical attention that she needs.

@nikipedia Hate debt, good luck on sunday. xx

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@BeccaBoo Ahh well quite close I agree ;)
Hope you have a great time there, I hear its wonderful there ;)

And thank you. I really hope so too.

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I get to continue developing a screenplay that I put off for most of last year.
I will be starting my own company.
@bob_ plans on visiting me in June and we’re hoping to see @blueroses at the same time.
I’m visiting @lucillelucillelucille for 2 weeks in July.
I get to hopefully see another jelly in August.
I’ll be getting a keratin straightening treatment for this frizzy fucking mess on the top of my head.
But most importantly, I really get to be there for my family this year in a big way.

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@Vunessuh I’m so jealous! You get to see blueroses!

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@Vunessuh so with you on the hair side!!!! And you meet with other jellies, how fantastic. Family is the most important, good luck x

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Today I took a water survival class to prepare me in case my helicopter goes down on the way to the rig. There was a chopper cab they dropped in the water and we had to get out under several scenarios. It was awesome! Other than getting the job in offshore drilling, that has been the most exciting thing I’ve done so far this year. I’m sure my first actual chopper ride and the first time I set foot on the rig will beat out them both though.

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Permit and Driver’s License for me.

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My sweetie and I celebrate our 2nd year together in July and are getting married in November. We are most excited for our honeymoon as neither of us has yet had an adventure like the one planned.

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Good Luck @dxs wish you all the best.

@Neizvestnaya wow, nothing better than a love story with a romantic wedding. I wish you both all the best luck in the world for a wonderful start together. x

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@BeccaBoo I know…very stressful. I can’t wait to move, so that adds more to the stress

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