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What did you do in order to start the year 2010 on the right foot?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) December 30th, 2009

I will tell you something I did today – I have ERASED two women I was romantic involved with. I erased the phone, pelephone, facebook, twitter and etc. All things that reminds me of them I DELETE. They broke my heart and I suffered enough because of them.

I hope to find real love this year 2010 and maybe get married. Hope to move on and meet new girls that appropriate for me.

And what did you do?

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I’m cleaning out my pantry and fridge of all the food I know I shouldn’t be eating while trying to lose weight and be healthier. If it’s not in the house then I won’t eat it.

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I have gone along those lines myself. I have been putting all those things that have been stumbling blocks in my life lately, as far away from me as possible. I made a note of them so that I can continue to avoid them, Maybe 2010 will be a better yeay.

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I’m not specifically trying to turn over a new leaf for 2010. I made a plan to gradually reach my long-term goals by doing smaller, more manageable things, and I’m working toward it. Right now I’m working on finding a job with more responsibilities and pay than my last one. It’s tough because I keep hearing about people taking jobs that are below their qualifications in this economy, but I’m working on it.

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I am trying to find acceptance of my life and peace of mind.

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I got 10k. :)

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Waited till it got here, first, mainly!

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Well, it hasn’t started yet, so it’s a bit premature to ask it that way. But I’ve got my New Year’s Resolutions in mond. I find every year that I take the time to think through what to resolve and make a commitment to keep the resolutions, I succede and am a better person for it..

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I’m thinking maybe I’ll make monthly resolutions, instead of yearly…one at a time might be more do-able.

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Eat better, exercise more (I need to get my energy level back up), distance myself from drama (a few family members), and get involved in a few more activites (which sadly means, Fluther less), spend more time with my lady and get settled into a new place.

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Well I finished off all the foods I promised myself I would not eat in 2010 and I started my goal list for next year. So basically all I have to do right now is finish the list and start on my resolutions. 2010 is so going to be my year. :)

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Cut off my left.

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[ ] better grades in science (my only bad subject) ugh D:
[ ] less additude
[ ] stop avoiding people at school dances
[ ] hmmm….I’m sure there is more, but I can’t think of anything right now.

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@Blondesjon O no!
Hey. I still have about 18 hours to figure out the rest of my life!

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@Val123 If you do, tell the rest of us how you did it.

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@Ghost_in_the_system I will. As soon as I get unstuck from this frozen toilet seat…

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@Val123 your warm personality will set you free…

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@Ghost_in_the_system LOL! If you had any idea how freakin cold I am right now!!! About to put on another pair of socks, which will make 3 on my feet!

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@Val123 you need some electric socks. Like a blanket, but on a battery at your ankle.

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I make a point of crossing the threshold with my right foot first, as in “first footing.”

Otherwise, I plan to keep trying to lose weight. I’ve lost 30 pounds this year, but could still stand to lose another whole (but small) person.

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I Just found the absolute best space heaters in the world. Radiator style oil filled electric heaters. Perfect radiant heat no cold spots. I can finally fluther in comfort without frozen toes.

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Ghost_in_the_system ROFL! Yer makin’ me spit beer through my nose! Well, I when I played volleyball I used to wear weights on my ankles….is it anything like that? <small>Now quit this is @SeventhSense‘s party!!!

@SeventhSense…Gas/electric heater? I am so confused. AND my font has changed. Whatever shall I doo?

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Electric. see linky poo

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A whole lotta nothing. Whatever will be will be, man.

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Made a few plans for New Year’s Eve in case our first choice fell through somehow. I have no patience to get bent out of shape if what I plan on doesn’t happen just as timed, if people fall sick, can’t get off work in time, that kind of thing. I’ve given myself permission to just vegetate is nothing else.

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The kids will be at a church party, my husband wants to watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve special, so I will go to bed.

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To me, there’s no better way to get off on the right foot than to wear matching underwear. So that’s what I did first day of 2010!

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Decided to accept that certain family members’ perception of me is nowhere near my own or what I would like it to be. Trying to change it will cause more stress than it’s worth, considering how rarely we see each other.

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Mine, sadly, started with a funeral. Then I lost a client. I hope it improves soon. I’m sure it will. :-)

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@Zen_Again I certainly hope the worst is past you then, and the only way now is up.

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New Year’s Day turned out excellent! I got taken to play in fresh snow with a few of my favorite people.

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I quit smoking! Well, sort of – I switched to e-cigarettes. Considering this has been my New Year’s resolution every year for 15 years, I would really recommend them to anyone who has tried to quit and can’t. I haven’t had a smoke since I received my e-cigarette in the mail. It’s so great. You can kick back, take out your smoke, take a nice long drag, blow out the smoke – it satisfies all the things I used to smoke for. No smell, no stinky hair or clothes. You can smoke them anywhere – bars, restaurants, airports. What a deal!

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I don’t know, but that ‘pelephone’ of yours sounds interesting ;)

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I like what you did there about deleting all contact with dead ends. I’ve done that in the past and even resurrected a few people thinking I was re adjusted to being “just friends” but when I got a little provoked then I deleted them out of my life again, that told me I wasn’t ready for any contact.

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I slept in and rested. Figured at least one day a year, I’m entitled.

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Bought the next round.

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I put together a bag of clothes for Goodwill and resolved to be less of a bitch, which is a resolution I’ve stuck to so far.

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