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(NSWF) Women, what do you do when you reach the big "O", and more?

Asked by XOIIO (18266points) April 30th, 2011

I was just wondering what you women do when you reach the big “O”. What does your body do? What uncontrollable things happen? What happenes based on how hard you orgasm?

Also wondering, what makes you orgasm best when you are being fingered? Is there anything to do while fingering to make you orgasm better?

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Learn all you can about the G-spot, and then learn about her G-spot. Fingering that is a good, good thing.

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@faye well I think I found it yesterday XD

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Go down on her while pressing up against the G-spot with your fingers. Major win :)

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@uberbatman Major, major win!

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Well, I curved my dingers upward towards the front of the pelvis. From waht I vaguely remeber reading that is the general direction you go in to stimulate the G-spot. I’m not really sure, if someone would like to confirm, that would be a help, I don’t have time to research right now.

All I know for sure is that she did orgasm, and apparently I did amazingly for a first timer (almost better than herself she says)

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@XOIIO that would be correct, really you can feel it, its kinda got a spongey feel I guess youd describe it as. Its just inside like an inch or two against the inside of the pelvis

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What do I do? My entire body locks up, sort of like when I was having labor contractions, and I start gasping until I finally shatter.

What makes me orgasm the best is when my husband has one finger in the front and one finger in the back, while his tongue is working it’s magic.

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