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What is it that you hunger and thirst for?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) May 1st, 2011

Just about everyone in life hunger or thirst for something, fame, money, exceptance, love, etc. If you narrowed it down what do you hunger for? what is it you want out of life more than anything else?

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Security… without compromising my freedom.

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To be heard and not to be tolerated.

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Happiness. My SO is normally the second most joyous person I know, next to my mother. It boggles my mind.
I’d also like to have some friends who I like and who like me.

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Happiness, Security, and Health. If you have those three things, nothing else really matters.

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Above all things love. Also a sense of discovery and adventure in my day to day living. Also independence.

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You know I am not being smug, but there isn’t anything I hunger for at the moment. Right now I feel very content with my life which is a bit worrying because it always makes me wonder what shit is about to hit the fan?

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Right now I’m also hungering for cuddles and sex.

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… for the truth.

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Being with my love, justice, a good future for my kids.

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A big bowl of fresh strawberry shortcake with a ton of real whipped cream on the top.

May 21st is Strawberry Festival Day in Portland, Tn.,home of the best grown strawberries on the planet.

I am not hard to please.

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[NSFW] My own female sex slave…

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@HungryGuy I thought you were all set already.

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