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For Christmas 2012 I want ______?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 1st, 2012

Straight forward, fill in the blanks, it can be animal, vegetable, or mineral, even metaphysical. So, what would you put in the “blank”?

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world peace.

as well as a new bike (mine was stolen 3 days ago), maybe some new pairs of socks, and some money so that I can travel.

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Shag a panther.

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to meet the love of my life.

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Animal & vegetable: turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy.
Mineral: would love stone to repave my driveway.
Physical & metaphysical: I hope to rest a lot and ease my mind a bit at the same time.

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A kitten.

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An autostart.

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The interest rates of 2005 and a pony.

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Oops didn’t read the details. A freezer full of caribou and lamb.
An indoor herb garden
A movable infinity granite wall to climb. It must fit in a smallish apartment, achieving that counts for metaphysical as well.

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A Barrett M107A1

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Aimpoint comp 3

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I want a cure for autism. I want research funded and accelerated.
Congress has made promises to the autistic community. As usual they have not been kept. Despite the efforts of parents and
My greatest prayer can not currently be bought. If I had won that Power Ball that is where I would invest.

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For all of the above to come true ;-)

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An ipad mini. Oh and new hamstring muscles on my right leg.

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For anybody that’s making a list, enough money to pay off the debt I took on to stay in business when the Great Recession hit.

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A mannequin.

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A crossbow that shoots chainsaws. But if not that, maybe some books. Not sure what, but I have nothing new to read. Books by author Irvine Welsh would rock. The only one I ever read was Trainspotting, but I’d love to see his other work. They’re kinda hard to come by around here, and by kind of hard, I mean impossible.

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5 billion dollars.

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On the Christmas I wanna go on long drive with my family.

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