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Why are my youtube subscribtion videos being marked as watched, when I haven't viewed them yet?

Asked by everephebe (11603points) May 1st, 2011

Ok, here’s what’s happening:

When I am signed in to youtube there are videos from channels I am subscribed to that are marked as watched… But, I haven’t watched them. It’s a little creepy, and it’s been going on for a few weeks now. And I know I have never even clicked on them.

Is this just a random error, or has Goldilocks been watching my videos when I’m out?

Has anyone else noticed this on their youtube? What’s going on?

I realize this question is likely going to be an Orphan on fluther, but I thought I would ask just in case anyone knows. Thanks.

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Have you logged into any shared or public computers or work computers, and forgotten to log out? This would be my first thought. If you have used a shared computer but logged out, it’s possible the computer saved your username and password, and someone logged on as you. It would be a good idea to change your password, and also check to make sure “you” haven’t left any comments that you don’t know about.

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This is on a private computer at home, that no one else uses. But I will change my password. Nothing else strange has happened on my youtube account, such as comments I didn’t leave.

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That’s good. I once left my Youtube open on a public computer and someone used my account to troll a bunch of folks. It was lame!

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That is very lame of them.^

If there is someone else using my youtube account they are only watching random and rather erudite videos from university channels & occasionally some TEDtalks I’ve subscribed to. Which is why I suspect it’s more likely some sort of strange error/bug.

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Are you watching those videos through another means other than YouTube? It could be that activity for your ISP address and your YouTube account are linked, and when you watch the videos without being on YouTube, it’s being associated.

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@BarnacleBill No, not unless I’ve got a dissociative identity disorder that I don’t know about. :D I haven’t been making soap, so I don’t think it’s likely… I haven’t seen any of these videos yet… at all, anywhere, ever. That’s just the thing.

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Oh no! I never sleep and I make soap, and things in my house move themselves… I should be worried!

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